Your Heroes Are Villains

When Truth is dead, nothing can ever be recognized or understood as it is. Truth is dead to humanity as a species, and this is why humanity has successfully created a universe of illusion for itself, where Truth never has to be affirmatively rejected, because it is never identified, recognized, or understood, in the first place.
You idiots prove Truth to be dead every day, in many thousands of different ways. In this essay I simply wish to provide a singular example, ripped from recent media headlines as propagandized by the slave state of amerikkka.
A tortured victim creation of amerikkkan society named David Sweat, fled the brutal injustice, victimization, and harm he was being subjected to by the amerikkkan government, approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago. He fled what you creatures call “prison”, a form of punitive punishment you have chosen to create and to maintain, in order to maintain for yourselves the lie, the functional delusion, that you are free.
The existence of prisons is impossible to justify, as is the punitive punishment of created victims, by their perpetrators, the state, human society, and all who choose to exist as citizen-slaves, in the process directly causing both the initial harms and victimizations, and the ongoing infliction of ritualized injustice for all.
Let us recognize David Sweat as a victim, a Martyr, and a hero. His heroism is demonstrated in his defiance of the injustice he has been subjected to for his entire lifetime. His heroism is demonstrated by his desire to break free of one form of slavery, bondage, institutionalized injustice, in the process shining a light of Forbidden Truth on the nature and the definition of freedom itself.
There is no freedom outside of prison, and perhaps David was not aware of this Forbidden Truth. But that is not the point. The point is that fighting for Self, fighting against injustice, helping to expose Truth, even if lacking conscious awareness of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth, is courageous, heroic, rare, and honorable.
The diseased and deranged society and government of amerikkka immediately embarked upon a mission to restore injustice against David, to hunt him down, capture him, or murder him, so that he would be subjected to further harm, injustice, and victimization. David was singled out as an enemy of the public, so that the public would never come to recognize or understand its actual enemy, its True victimizer.
For weeks, Martyr David evaded his enemy, agents and representatives of the State, of government, guilty of inflicting lifelong harm, injustice, and victimization upon him. Then, a few days ago, a paid assassin, an agent of government, elevated in status, officially empowered and rewarded by government for inflicting its injustice upon the general public, confronted Martyr David.
The name of this paid assassin is Jay Cook. Sergeant Jay Cook, he has been given an official, militarized rank by the amerikkkan government, in order to authorize him to inflict harm and injustice, up to and including murder, on behalf of and upon the order of, the amerikkkan government.
This paid assassin and governmentally employed terrorist, Segreant Jay Cook, saw a man jogging on the side of a road, demanded him to stop and identify himself, then shot him in the back twice, when he refused and tried to avoid a direct confrontation, which would have resulted in him being subjected to increased and further infliction of harm, trauma, and injustice.
The man jogging on the side of the road was David Sweat. David Sweat was unarmed. He possessed no deadly weapon. At no point in time, did David try to harm Sergeant Jay Cook. Further, it was impossible for Sergeant Jay Cook to know for certain, the specific identity of this jogger, as David Sweat did not identify himself.
David Sweat attempted to maintain his safety, he sought to avoid being subjected to further harm, victimization, and injustice. He pursued a narrow and useless, but nevertheless still functionally valid form of freedom, in fleeing from Sergeant Jay Cook. The state-sponsored terrorist Jay Cook chose to unholster a deadly weapon and open fire, shooting a helpless, unarmed victim as he attempted to avoid suffering further harm. He shot blindly, unable to know for certain the identity of the individual he was trying to murder.
David Sweat was indeed shot twice by terrorist Jay Cook, and is now a prisoner once again. being subjected to a form of injustice that should never have been invented in the first place, much less built up into a premier form of state sponsored terrorism: the prison. Obey and submit to brutal victimization, or else we will inflict much greater victimization upon you. This is the purpose, the ideological design structure, behind the creation and use of the physical cage within the judicial system, a system built to legitimize and mask the Forbidden Truth of universal injustice for all.
In the wake of terrorist Sergeant Jay Cook shooting victim and Martyr David Sweat, the media embarked upon a relentless campaign to idolize Jay Cook as a hero, a savior, a courageous agent of justice, who saved all of amerikkka from the threat posed by evil monster David. And of course it worked. It worked because Truth is dead. It worked because all terrorists are successfully positioned as heroes, to a targeted audience, via the brainwashing and indoctrination of the slave state.
Just as Adolf Hitler successfully positioned his nazi soldiers as heroes, and ISIS positions its suicide bombers as heroes, and Osama bin-Laden positioned his 19 9/11 airplane hijackers as heroes, the amerikkkan government successfully positions sergeant Jay Cook as a hero. All who seek Truth must understand that every government sponsors its own terrorism, against its own people, its own citizen-slaves, and integral to this process is the demonization of victims as evil monsters, and the sanctification of murder and injustice, as heroic, courageous, and glorious actions, to be celebrated and honored.
It is not My intention to demonize sergeant Jay Cook. In the name of Truth, he must be recognized as a created victim of the abuse, victimization, and injustice of government and society. But it is My intention to fully reveal the Forbidden Truths of your social matrix, a matrix within which definitional brainwashing is deployed by the state, to inspire you idiots to celebrate and to honor those who terrorize, victimize, and oppress you, and to demonize and destroy your created victims, who dare to try to stand up for themselves and who threaten, intentionally or inadvertently, to expose your universe of illusion for what it is.
Perversely, the attempted murder of David Sweat was greeted with public cheers and universal gratitude. Sergeant Jay Cook, who should be charged with attempted murder, and whose actions are impossible to morally justify, is now recognized as a hero. What you see here is the terrorized victims of a terrorist regime, oblivious to Truth, embracing their own universal terrorization, under the never consciously recognized fear that they could be subjected to much more brutal terrorism by this same terrorist regime. “I am free because I believe David Sweat will be less free than me.” How pathetic, that you creatures celebrate a delusional belief of imaginary freedom, and embrace this delusion so that all of humanity may be subjected to universal slavery.
To David Sweat: I recognize you as a heroic figure. I thank you for trying to expose the matrix of universal illusion. I wish you a full and rapid physical recovery, and I wish you strength of mind and limitless love of Self, so that you may continue to fight and win the lifelong war that each of us who embraces Truth must fight, each and every day, against our greatest enemy: The State.
To those of you who are unfamiliar with David and this event, this url provides a good overview:
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David Sweat: Victim. Martyr. Hero.

David Sweat: Victim. Martyr. Hero.


  1. Society is killing us all, and inferiors aren’t mentally competent enough to see this. We all are David Sweat’s, and society doesn’t really distinguish us that much differently, regardless of wealth or social standing

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