You Will Know

You will know you are alive, when technological immortality becomes a reality.
You will know you are free, when no clock, no boss, no family, no money, exists.
You will know you are free, when every illusion of freedom has been exposed to the light of Truth, shattered intro a million fragments, and held up for ridicule by all who are sane.
You will know you are free when religion is eradicated from all human perception or consideration and relegated to its place as a malicious fairy tale.
You will know you are happy when every possible reason for you to be unhappy has been eliminated from the social structure of the human experience of life.
You will know what love is, when you recognize that the only living thing that could possibly deserve to be gifted by your love, is Yourself.
You will know what hate is, when you successfully bestow limitless love upon Yourself, and recognize that others hate you for having achieved this feat.
You will know what fear is, when you understand that to show others simply the Truth of what they are, is to terrify and terrorize them.
You will know perfection when you create a universe that nobody and nothing can ever touch, inside of your mind.
You will know hopelessness when you look at humanity with the Alien Eye of a Superior, and you understand that you were born that, and that is what controls and determines the future of every existing entity on this planet.
You will know mental health when you understand that you were born into a mentally deranged species and everything it has done to the universe you inhabit, physical and psychological, reflects the pathological mind disease of a genetically defective species.
You will know joy only if you understand that the embrace of untempered joy betrays the Forbidden Truth that your predicament is functionally hopeless.
You will know pain only if you consciously accept that the only pain is your pain, yours because it belongs to you, yours because you are experiencing it as a victim, yours because the only universe you can ever experience, is the universe you Self-create as a mind.
You will know Yourself only after you transcend your humanity, and can look back with an unbiased eye and understand exactly how much has been taken from you, how much is being taken from you, and how much will be taken from you.
You will know rage when you understand that the cowardice and inferiority of the species you were born into, is responsible for every torment and every injustice you have ever and will ever endure.
You will know the Truth, when you know that nothing will ever be right. Nothing will ever be as it should be. Nothing will ever live up to its potential.
You will know the future only when you are able to observe 1000 maggots feasting on a rotting human corpse, and understand that they have already eaten and consumed you.
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