You Don't Need Excuses to Kill

One of the great failures of the human is his pathological inability to positively embrace the absolute legitimacy of his rage and hate on a conscious level, concurrent with his personal entitlement to reflect this rage and hate outward, by harming, destroying, and killing others. So many humans kill and destroy with deliberate intent, but without a genuinely conscious awareness of why they choose to kill, rooted within personal entitlement.
Our need to harm others reflects the reality that we are victims of the harm of others. The choice to harm others is uniquely individual, but it is intrinsically valid. Humans betray themselves when they erect false constructs in order to establish an illusion of justification for their harmful actions. These false constructs distort the naturally reflective process, resulting in flawed expressions of rage and hate which often harm the expressor as much or more than his targets, and they set the stage for future regret, since false reality constructs are easily compromised and shattered, at least for the sane thinker who overtly seeks Truth.
Harming or killing in order to protect, defend, or legitimize an external structure, always constitutes a betrayal of Self. Examples of this type of Self-betrayal include becoming a police officer, becoming a military soldier, obeying the orders of an imagined god creature, or trying to defend religious or ideological beliefs under attack from others. All decisions to harm or kill others should be directly motivated by personally experienced trauma, and in order for this to occur, the trauma must be openly and consciously felt, understood, and embraced.
So many humans are too broken to face up to the reality of their personal trauma, and too Self-hating to embrace a right to avenge themselves. And so they sublimate their rage and hate, distorting its organic components, warping their reality perceptions to some grand or majestic story and illusion, and then act out their justified rage and hate while trapped within the distorted illusion of their artificial construct. This is very sad.
Rage and hate deserves to be honored and embraced  and understood as an integral core of your personal experience of victimization. You honor Yourself in achieving such a reality perception, and integrating it to core consciousness. Within this elevated state of understanding, you must find the courage to decide if, when, and how the dynamic expression of rage and hate via the harming of others for the achievement of personal catharsis, is most appropriate. Only inferiors seek external validation for their right to harm and destroy others. Superiors know and fully accept that this right is as intrinsically valid as their right to breathe and to live.
Your right to harm and kill others is intrinsic to your True Reality desire, need, and motivation to harm and kill others. If you lack this motivation and need, the right is negated. If you possess this motivation and need, the right is affirmed. Every external judgment or claim of right to impose any moral, ethical, ideological, philosophical, or judicial limitation or negation upon your right to harm and kill others, must be absolutely and completely rejected. It is these external judgments which destroy the capacity of the individual to accurately reflect his True Reality, in all of his chosen life path activites, including the important decision of if, when, and how, to harm and kill others.
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    1. Not really. Humans choose the path of least resistance, so there would be fewer of the currently legal and societally sanctioned forms of killing, and more of the illegal and societally condemned forms of killing. The human, broken slave as he is, almost always seeks the sanction and blessing of others, in choosing who he kills, how he kills, and if he kills. He cannot embrace his True Reality homicidal ideation, on a conscious level.
      Fear of punishment plays a very minor role in preventing any form of murder, as most humans want to suffer. What they actually fear is having to face up to their own trauma, and to be judged negatively by the society to which they have been indoctrinated to pledge allegiance. This is why they usually seek out socially approved forms of killing, or try to cathartically revel in the suffering/deaths of others, very specific others that their society instructs them to be worthy and deserving of suffering and death.

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