Writing: The Easiest Reflection

Go anywhere on the internet and you will find hoards of “writers” bemoaning how they are “blocked”, can’t figure out what to say, or how to say it, obsessing over choice of words or plot twists for their “stories.” Can’t you see what the problem is? It is so glaringly obvious to the outsider with an Alien Eye of Truth perception.
The #1 reason why you find writing difficult, is because you are trying to deceive others into believing a fictional story, and in the process you are lying to yourself while pretending to search for internal inspiration based upon your personal reality perceptions. In other words, you are trying to figure out how to successfully lie to others, to get them to believe in the lie you are trying to sell. This is what all fiction writing is, and it is the root cause of your ongoing difficulties.
Now, I fully understand that to the vast majority of writers, writing is simply a slave labor job. The writer has a targeted audience, either pre-selected by him, or selected by others, as is the case with a newspaper or magazine columnist. The writer is trying to figure out how best to pander to, how best to curry favor with, this targeted audience. Very simply, if you fit into this group, this blog post is not intended towards you. Humans prostitute themselves in millions of different ways, and writing is one of the more popular and common ones.
This blog post is directed towards the writer who is seeking Truth, but is blind to the path he seeks, blind to the understanding that if writing should be performed as a personal quest to manifest Truth, there must be no target audience, there must be no fictionalization of reality. The beauty and the glory of writing is simply this: To tell the Truth.
How can you be mentally blocked from expressing the Truth in words, if the Truth exists within you and you possess the courage to face up to it within your own mind? All writing must be understood as reflection, and as such, if you can face up to Yourself as you are, and the world as it is, every word you write should flow effortlessly, expressing Truth with piercing perfection, as My writing does.
I have written many millions of words, all of which have been Self-directed. The most intricate and complex concepts are brilliantly expressed by Me, because all articulation is simply a reflection of the mind. Words exist to reflect the universe you have created within your mind. Never have I had difficulty expressing Myself with glorious clarity. Never have I tried to “write well”. I think well, and writing is merely a reflection of thinking.
I write about the things that define Me. I write about what I am: anarchist, atheist, torture victim, isolationist, misanthrope. I write about hating others and loving Myself, murdering god and becoming immortal. I write about immortalism and conscious dreaming and definitional brainwashing and being a lifelong virgin. I write about destroying the world and extincting humanity and meeting extraterrestrials who grant Me technological immortality. I write about masochistic women who deliberately torture their own feet. I write out tales of women trapped in high heeled shoes, their ordeals lovingly etched into and inspired by mind images.
I write about My universe of Truth, the obsessions that define My created mind, and all that I write flows effortlessly, because words are subordinate to thoughts. If I can think it, I can say it, with clarity, beauty, and the forcefulness of a laser-guided, heat-seeking missile locking in upon and impacting, its target. I never worry about grammar, or sentence structure, or how any reader will perceive my writing. I do not write for you. I do not do anything, ever, for you. I write about being an egotist, and an egoist, and a narcissist. I write about making love to Myself in the mirror, and kissing, licking, caressing my own fingers and arms. I write about being a narcissist, because I am a narcissist.
To those of you who desire to use writing to nurture your own mind, this path I have outlined is the only valid path. Let your words reflect the Truth of what you are, let your words serve as the most reflective of all mirrors. Unearth the deepest and darkest recesses of your mind, let the lava flow freely, and maybe you will be able to write as I do, effortlessly and enigmatically, with the inspirational mindset of the outcast and the outlaw.
They tell you that writing has rules. But the moment you accept this lie, you place your mind inside of a cage. The freedom of anarchistic thought is required, in order to access the freedom of internalized expression within which you may ignite your own external Mind Bombs.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


    1. Hey there. Welcome to the world of blogging, 140 characters+ version. They call twitter a micro-blogging platform, but obviously this type of full-scale wordpress blog is much more suitable for expressing complex and detailed insights of Forbidden Truth, but just as easy to ignore and dismiss by the Unwashed Masses.
      Your comment that I inspired you to start your own blog, has inspired Me to title My next blog post: “Blogging: Useless Freedom Illusion”. Give me a day or two and it’ll be up for the world to ignore and dismiss, as befits a useless freedom illusion.
      We should all write to ourselves, for ourselves. A blog can be a public declaration of personal True Reality, but really, should we care what any human thinks of our True Reality? I think not. I prefer when few to no humans have access to the brilliance of My mind, even to the limited degree I choose to share it. You could almost say My writings are a tease, “Look at yourselves, humans. Here is My gift to you: Exact details of how you can save yourselves. A free gift, given only because I know you are too inferior to use it to actually save yourselves.”
      Anyway, have fun and empower your own mind, by expressing the Truth.

      1. >but obviously this type of full-scale wordpress blog is much more suitable for expressing complex and detailed insights of Forbidden
        Definitely, I had a field day yesterday. I’m about to begin work on a new post. I’ve decided to skip over North Korea today, and talk about some interesting information I’ve recently come across about the Ebola drug.
        >Truth, but just as easy to ignore and dismiss by the Unwashed Masses.
        Yea, likely easier due to their short attention spans.
        >Your comment that I inspired you to start your own blog, has inspired Me to title My next blog post: “Blogging: Useless Freedom Illusion”. Give me a day or two and it’ll be up for the world to ignore and dismiss, as befits a useless freedom illusion.
        Looking forward to it. It won’t be dismissed by me.
        >We should all write to ourselves, for ourselves. A blog can be a public declaration of personal True Reality, but really, should we care what any human thinks of our True Reality?
        Of course not! I’m writing my blog to organize my own thoughts and research about the world and for my own personal reading pleasure. I must have read my blog posts a dozen times after writing them. Hence why in my first post I said I would keep my posts around 1000 words, not to make it easier on any of them but for me.
        Although I must say I’m relatively surprised about how many followers I have already, and not all of them seem like complete spam.
        >Anyway, have fun and empower your own mind, by expressing the Truth.
        Thanks Seer, uh but I must ask what should a truth seeker do after realizing they’ve accidentally written something not factually accurate? Do you have any advice on making sure one doesn’t completely misrepresent something? I want to ENGAGE Truth, not just have my own circlejerk(not that my own personal circlejerks aren’t great).

        1. Glad to hear you are writing for Yourself. The Superior understands the value of Self-focus. The greatest debates you can ever have, if your mind is open enough to embrace every possibilty without bias, are with Yourself. The voice and the word are reflections of mind, and should manifest as Self-love. I often talk to Myself, just to savor the integration of voice to mind. Whatever you write should be recognized as a unique reflection of your mind.
          I used to enjoy reading some fiction, especially the gory kind, and I still do, but My appreciation is muted by the conscious understanding that I am enjoying a collection of lies assembled into a story, a fairy tale, intended to be portrayed as being at least realistically possible. The voice of Truth must be honored, why should we create fiction, when there are so many horrific non-fictions that deserve to be ruthlessly dissected in so many ways, unforgivingly vicious words being just one.
          Wordpress is a large collective, not quite as big as twitter, but the number of aspiring deep thinkers, at least percentagewise, seems to be higher.
          To answer your question, the Superior always, immediately, and openly, fully acknowledges when he has made a mistake, after absolutely confirming the error as being real and valid. Clinging to a mistake due to Self-pride, is a great tactical error of mind, and leads to ongoing embrace of falsehoods. Pridefulness is not the same as narcissism or egoism. Pridefulness is a weakness. Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, even The Seer of Forbidden Truth. When you acknowledge a mistake, you are able to murder and bury it, and to rise up upon the strength of enlightenment. Just make sure it is a mistake, and of course always maintain tactical awareness that inferiors and garbage humans will try to convince you that you have made a mistake, when in Truth you have not.
          You uncover Truth by considering and dissecting every possibility. And by always considering the possibility that you could be wrong. Only via such consideration, can you analyze free of prejudice and discover, as I do, that I am absolutely right 99.9999999999% of the time. And successfully nip in the bud, the so very rare instance of having made a mistake.
          Engaging Truth is different than engaging human beings in Truth debates. A very small minority of humans might prove worthy of direct dialogue, but most are not. Most are attempting, consciously or subconsciously, to tear you down, inspired by the terrors your comments might invoke within them. I recommend ruthlessness in all attempts by others to engage in dialogue. What I mean by ruthlessness is: Never give anyone a second chance. Never assume the best, from anyone. Value your time, recognize the eternal Self-debate as far more useful and worthwhile, than dialoguing with humans. But at the same time, be open to any point of view expressed to you, be open to analyzing it for Truth, absent the valid bias of knowing it comes from a human. Be open to the point of view, because this is necessary to legitimately uncover Truth itself, not out of any sense of respect towards or obligation to, the commentator.
          My structure for commenting to this blog reflects this perspective. All comments are screened, but no comment which is genuinely thought-provoking, even if it is expressed bluntly and rudely, will be rejected and deleted. However, any comment which personally insults Me, even if it contains valid and thought-provoking points, will be rejected/deleted. Always place love of Self at the forefront, concurrent with love of Truth.

          1. Thanks for the great response/advice. It means a lot coming from you for many many reasons. You’re like a legend, Seer.
            Gave you a special shout out in my latest post.

            1. All of My responses exist as mind-melds with Self, but if you gain benefit from them, that is an added bonus. I became a legend within My own conscious realization of Self, a long time ago. But thanks for the external acknowledgment, finally… 🙂 Appreciate your spreading the word of Forbidden Truth.

  1. My writing skills have dramatically improved as a result of being enlightened with the forbidden truths. My thoughts flow effortlessly

    1. The embrace of Forbidden Truths clears the mind from the cobwebs caused by lifelong addiction to illusions and phantoms. Clarity of mind naturally leads to clarity of expression: the ability to say and write the thoughts and ideas that inhabit your brain.
      Thoughts which are rooted in Truth do not need to be rationalized or propped up via the toxic weight of illusion or hypocrisy. That is why they are so easy to express in words.

  2. SEER, you hit the nail right on its head in describing how writing becomes natural and automatic when speaks the truth. There is no such thing as a “writer’s bloc” as the late Ernest Hemingway coined it . Writer’s bloc only happens to inferiors who suppress and deny the forbidden truths in trying to please the dead masses. I so agree with you on this, as you make a very obvious point

    1. All cases of writer’s block are in truth, cases of mind block. A human who is trying to create a work of fiction, which is the weaving together of a series of lies, to create a convincing fairy tale, finds it difficult to string all the lies together. So many lies, so many different paths of deceit available, that the human mind cannot come up with a clear path to take.
      This is why the writer devoted to embracing and expressing Truth is never blocked. How can you be blocked from being able to express what you ARE, from describing the universe you have created? All writing should be the same as narrating your autobiography: You simply describe, in as much detail as you desire, the factual reality of the universe of experience that personally exists within your conscious mind. Unless you are affliocted with alzheimer’s or some other brain function disease, the Superior will find writing as natural and as easy as describing what he just ate for lunch, as an example.

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