Why We Waste Our Time

We waste our time because everything we do is pointless and meaningless. We are murder victims, waiting for the illusion of being alive to end.
We waste our time because nothing worth achieving, can be achieved.
We waste our time because the lie that legitimate purpose and meaning can be realized within a Self-universe level, cannot be cloaked from our reality perception.
Life is a waste of time, because we are doomed to become retroactively unborn.
What point is there to achievement, when the greatest achievement we can claim, is the conscious realization that there is nothing worthwhile to achieve?
Wasting time is a small victory for Self, it honors the conscious realization of what time is, how time is manipulated and distorted by the Matrix of Universal Illusion.
We waste our time because the future is dead, far more dead than the past or the present.
“Stop wasting time, time is precious,” say the fools, trapped within the mind cage of time illusion.
All Text is Copyright © The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I felt such joy reading this. Thank you. I once wrote: I never feel fully alive unless I am unemployed.

    1. You’re welcome. I found My brilliant expression of Truth quite depressing, but of course was pleased with the Forbidden Truth it revealed. If it triggered joy in you, so be it, and enjoy the joy.
      Unfortunately, unemployment does not alter the pointlessness and meaningless of life, nor does it make the wasting of time more enjoyable for Me. It is good to have time to waste, but the conscious awareness of time existing as an illusion and deployed as a weapon against Me, puts a significant damper on any enjoyment.

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