Why We Must Never Forgive Those Who Transgress Against Us

Forgiveness is the ultimate act of stupidity. It is not moral, noble, kind, or altruistic. Forgiveness does not help the forgiver, it harms him, in every way imaginable. Forgiveness is the ultimate insult to Self, it demeans and degrades the Self in a way that NO externally delivered insult ever can.
Forgiveness betrays the obligation of the individual to defend Himself, to respond with Full Force rage, hate, outrage, and malicious destruction, to any and all transgressions directed against him.
An immense ego is important, it helps the Superior to understand that¬†no excuse is valid, because the Self-universe is sacred. Of course the Human Garbage is himself a victim of harm and trauma, an inferior, mentally ill, etc…, but nothing he may be, should deter the Superior from hating, from targeting, from attacking, from harming, Human Garbage.
The beautiful thing is, there are literally millions of different ways to hurt and to harm others.
The soul dead misanthrope (That would be Me) isolates within his mind, thousands and thousands of different ways to harm others. And of course the experience of being harmed is unique to the victim of harm. He who seeks to cause harm can never know with absolute certainty, exactly what impacts he actually causes, from the True Reality perspective of his target.
But it is so much fun to imagine and to envision. And if the actually experienced harmful impact is less than he assumes, so what? No big deal. The offensive attack is more important, the catharsis it brings, the Self-love it strengthens, than any quantified measurement of the harm caused.
Let us not be hypocrites! Let us not pretend to forgive others, such pretense is just as much a betrayal of Self, as is genuine forgiveness.
We are hated, we are victims, and no mercy was shown to us. We must not concern ourselves with whether others deserve to be hated and harmed by us, the very fact we are compelled to hate and to harm, proves others deserve to be hated and harmed.
As I so brilliantly articulated in a past essay: The Motivation is the Justification. Absolutely it is so.
One of the best legal ways to harm someone, is to figure out what they want, and deny them their need. Reach deep into their soul, find their weakest links, and attack, exploit them. It is what society and government does to every individual, and to reflect this malevolence honors the Self.
Most of you reading this essay will respond negatively. You do not want to face up to what was and is done to you, and you do not love yourselves. To be victimized feels much better, than to stand up for Truth and for Self, by embracing your sacred right to harm others.
You are hypocrites, and your hypocrisy causes great harm to others.
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  1. I forgive no one or forget the abuse that human retards have inflictrd and continue to inflict on me on a daily basis. I hate HUMANS with a passion. They are vile, disgusting creatures who get no mercy or empathy from me, PERIOD! I date society to promote forgiveness as though it is a noble thing to do, when humans continue to not only destroy themselves but those around them. Humans are simply not to be trusted, as they are enemies

  2. dear Mr, Seer
    this isn’t exactly a comment I suppose. But you screen all comments before they are posted so I figured it was the easiest way to get your attention.
    great blog, I’m not always agreeing with what you’re saying here and your style isn’t one I would use. but overall it’s refreshing to see someone putting out genuinely original content that doesn’t take things at face value. I am a huge fan of your loathing towards humanity; well done.

    1. Being properly Self-obsessed, I pay lots of attention to everything done to and directed towards Me.
      Thanks for appreciating Forbidden Truth, to whatever extent your compromised brain allows. Your loathing of humanity is a huge step in the direction of Truth, for multiple reasons, including of course the fact that your mind limitations are the direct fault of humanity and how it has treated you.
      Wishing you continuing and future refreshment.

  3. I hate the word “Foregiveness”. It has no value and offers no solace for me. I feel more empowered by not forgiving because it allows me to be in control, not my victimizers. Inferiors should try it; it’s wonderful.

  4. SEER, it’s too bad our thought projections do not become a reality, although I wish it would. Nice Essay!

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