Why We Must Honor The Individuals Who Brutally Victimize the Weak, Vulnerable & Helpless

Man-made laws are garbage, despicable artifacts and toxic projections of The Matrix of Universal Illusion: Hypocritical, inherently and intrinsically unjust and unfair, malicious weapons deployed to overtly cause/inflict and to maintain, genocidal harm for all. No laws made by mankind, as of the 21st century, possess any legitimacy. They must be rejected and defied at all times.
But there is a different type of law: Natural Law. Natural law is the polar opposite of man-made law. Natural laws should not be blindly accepted as being valid. In some cases they must be overtly challenged and directly defeated. Death, which is a natural law, is a perfect example of this Forbidden Truth.
But at the same time, the absolute distinction between man-made and natural laws, must be consciously understood and embraced. Natural laws are rooted within, expressing and reflecting fact, Truth, and reality.
One of the most primarily sacred of all natural laws, is the Law of Reflection. This law gives every individual a sacred personal right to do onto others as has been done onto him. The law of reflection is integral to Self-love, to mental health, and to revenge, the only form of justice available, within a social structure that demands and inflicts universal injustice for all.
And so we come to the specific point of this essay: Why must we unconditionally honor the individuals who brutally victimize the weak, the vulnerable, the helpless??
Let’s begin with two very important details: My question above very specifically uses the term “individuals”. It refers to individual human beings making independent and personal choices of action, be they conscious or subconscious. The distinction is important, it filters out all social structures, all organized systems, of human oppression, victimization, and destruction.
The second very important detail is that I am not using the term “innocent” in My question. I use the terms weak, vulnerable, helpless, and others might also be applicable, but not the term “innocent”. Because it is not applicable or appropriate. As seekers of Truth, we must understand that innocence begins and ends with Self. Each of us was the last and final innocent human to have ever come into existence. When our innocence is proactively murdered, destroyed, violated, the innocence of all other sentient beings is rendered null, void, and non-existent.
So yes, while our victims might very well be weak, vulnerable, helpless, defenseless, “at our mercy”, etc…, they are not, they cannot be, innocent.
So, let’s finally answer the question. We must honor, respect, and thank all individuals who brutally victimize the weak, the vulnerable, and the helpless, because they are honoring and paying homage to a sacred natural law: The Law of Reflection.
Every individual choice and decision to harm others, made consciously or subconsciously, directly reflects the factual reality and the Truth, of personal harm, personally experienced. So it is.
And when are we, as individuals, most severely harmed?? As children, as helpless, weak, vulnerable children. Therefore, whenever and however we target the helpless, the weak, and the vulnerable for dynamic harm, we directly honor the most sacred natural law of reflection. This honors Self, it honors Truth, and it reveals Truth to the universe. It is a statement: “Look at what you did to Me! Look at that, look at it and see, see the Truth of what you did to Me, and what you do to every child, to every human being, to everything born innocent, to everything weak, vulnerable, and helpless.”
Only the pathetic hypocrites condemn or negatively judge dynamic individual violence carried out against the weak, vulnerable, and helpless.
They do so because Truth itself is unbearable and unimaginable to them. They recoil in horror when confronted with the Truth. They are the members of society guilty and responsible for universal injustice for all. They are the ones who sponsor and maintain this cycle. And “they” are 99.99999999% of all humans, perverse hypocrites who judge and condemn individuals for simply telling the Truth, by their honorable actions, uncloaking the natural law of reflection.
From the 5 year old boy who gleefully stomps ants to death, to the 15 year old boy who rapes and sodomizes a 5 year old boy, to the 25 year old man who sneaks into an elementary school to indiscriminately mass murder little children, to the 30 year old serial killer who pretends to have a broken arm in order to lure a teenage girl into his car, to the 65 year old nurse who injects deadly drugs into the veins of unconscious hospital patients, I honor every innocent victim who chooses to express and reveal, the Law of Reflection.

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  1. Damn, the truth hurts, but it is what it is. SEER, Great Essay as it speaks the horrible that no one wants to accept.

  2. I am wondering if you glorify individual violence, why not State violence as well? No serial killer, rapist, or bomber could equal a smithereen of what a war can do. Or what a SWAT team can do. I don’t see the difference. Do you? After all armies and police forces are composed of “individuals”.

    1. I glorify Truth.
      Individuals are all created victims of the systemic, organized, institutionalized violence and victimization of the state, of government and imposed societal structures such as the family unit, religion, the educational system, etc…
      To support the violence and injustice of the state, would make Me a hypocrite and a supporter of My own abuse and victimization.
      To honor, respect, and appreciate all acts of individual violence, makes Me a Superior who understands the nature of the human condition, a supporter of justice and of social reform as I have articulated in many different essays, and a humanitarian who recognizes the sacred right of all individuals to NOT be harmed by the state, and when such harm is proactively inflicted, for all individuals to seek and to claim personal vengeance within the footprint of Forbidden Truth.
      The difference is obvious and it is profound. It is the difference between pledging allegiance WITH your victimizer and destroyer, and pledging allegiance to Truth, AGAINST your victimizer and destroyer.
      A police officer and a soldier has proactively chosen to join the hive mind of universal illusion, which wages war against Truth and is guilty of sponsoring the universal victimization of all, that destroys all innocence, destroys all human potential, destroys all potential for justice to exist, and causes individuals to need to seek and claim personal vengeance via dynamic violence.
      That is why the soldier and the police officer MUST absolutely be fully recognized as being tortured victim-creations of society and government, deserving of no organized punitive punishment of course, but at the same time also NOT worthy of being judged Superiors who honor the Law of Reflection in their acts of brutal violence. They are collaborating with the organized violence of the state, their actions fail to reveal or express Forbidden Truth, even as they do reflect the reality of their own personal victimization.
      The universal victimization of all human beings is not at issue. Whether or not such victimization is reflected in such a way as to honor Truth and Self, that is the issue.

    2. The individuals you are referring to are hired government assassins in which they work in groups, to punish and control the masses at the behest of the govt orders. Individual violence isn’t comparable to the collective violence (wars, police brutality, childabuse, etc.)that is govt sponsored. Both take on different meanings.

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