Why the Physical Act of Cannibalism is So Rare Among Humans

We have an absolutely delightful, and, dare I say it….,yes of course I do, DELICIOUS and brand spanking new serial murder case out of russia.
Dmitry Baksheev, also spelled Bakshaev, Baksheeva, and Baksheyev, aged 35, and his wife Natalya, also spelled Natalia, 42, are believed to have serially harvested about 30 humans over the past 18+ years, cooking and eating the bodies and heads of their victims and taking numerous photos documenting their unusual culinary journey!
This is a breaking news event and details are still sketchy, even the names and ages of our two history book outlaw seekers of vengeance are varying, so we should all spend time today following this story as it develops and confirming details as they emerge.
Here are a few currently valid articles, but many more and new details should emerge in the coming days:
Let us immerse our minds and our consciousness within the True Reality of Dmitry and Natalia. Let us understand that the rarity of their actions, on a physical level, belies the factual reality that each of us is a victim of cannibalism, and each of us, all human-borns, cannibalizes others.
You do not need to eat human flesh to consume others, and you do not need to be physically eaten, to be a victim of cannibalism. Humans consume and destroy each other all of the time, they feed upon each other, they vomit each other up when they get tired of an individual, as they move on to claim their next victim.
The physical act of cannibalism is rare among humans, for the same reason that any and all primary-level Forbidden Truths are rarely accepted and embraced, by humans.
The physical act of cannibalism would expose Truth, to the mind consciousness of the cannibal. And so you humans reject it, feign disgust and revulsion, even as you pathologically practice it, even as you consume and destroy the potential of others, crippling and murdering them in so many different ways.
You practice your cannibalism in more covert ways, so you never have to face up to what you are, and what you do. Cowards! Let us honor and thank the tiny handful of humans who find the courage to be honest and Truthful, to themselves and to others, as Dmitry and Natalia have done.
We cannibalize others because we are victims of cannibalization, our individual innocence and potential ruthlessly and systemically destroyed. Look in the mirror and see yourselves, see your pale reflections, in the robust and vivid clarity of light given to you on this day, by your own created victims and Martyrs.
Stay Strong, Dmitry and Natalia, and thank you for standing up for the Forbidden Truth.


Dmitry Bakshaev, Tortured Victim-Creation and Martyr of Russian Society.


Natalia Bakshaev, Tortured Victim-Creation of Russian Society.

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