Why Revenge?

  • Because there is no justice.
  • Because it is sweet.
  • Because the mirror never lies.
  • Because suffering and pain should be generously shared.
  • Because it is the righteous reflection of True Reality rage and hate.
  • Because it feels good.
  • Because you might never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • Because revenge expresses Truth.
  • Because there is no good answer to the question: Why not revenge?
  • Because if you were not entitled to it, you would not desire it.
  • Because they don’t want you to claim it.
  • Because forgiveness is stupid.
  • Because we love ourselves and we know what we have had taken from us.

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  1. Some humans even go to the extent of saying…to forgive means you don’t forget” To me, what they are Implying is that they really don’t forgive but pretend that they do

  2. Forgiveness does nothing but cause ongoing harm and abuse, and it doesn’t solve the problems that plague humanity in the future

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