Why Nothing Matters

Life as a human being in the 21st century is absolutely pointless and utterly meaningless. This is a Forbidden Truth which I articulate at great length within My Manifesto, and have already done via a blog post. But it is worthwhile for the seeker of Truth, especially as we approach the artificial and invalid renewal of existence that inferiors choose to mark as the “new year”, to consciously focus upon the pointlessness and meaninglessness of every existence, from the perspective of understanding and integrating the answer of Why.
Why does nothing we may do, matter? Nothing we may do matters, because our existence is not merely temporary, but is a falsely perceived illusion. “I am alive”, so declares the individual, trying to convince himself, almost always successfully convincing himself. But it is not True. Existence requires conscious awareness, not merely in the now, but in the always. Nothing matters because on one level everything will be lost, and on another level, nothing will have occurred. And of course I am referring to the Fortbidden Truths of death.
“I can still change the world, even if I die”, this is the mantra of the societal brainwashee, blind to the Forbidden Truth that the only world that exists, is the world of perceptive reality that he himself, as a singularity, has created within and via his brain. If you do not exist, the world does not exist. This is a Forbidden Truth which must be successfully integrated to core consciousness. When and if you cease to exist, the world which you are now pretending to inhabit, ceases to exist. Nothing that you have done to change this world, and no change which has or may in the future occur, can survive your death, your cessation of existence.
There is nothing mystical or supernatural within any parameter of this Forbidden Truth. It is simply fact, it is concrete reality. The world cannot exist absent your perceptive experience of it existing. Nothing which occurs absent your perceptive experience, is real or valid. You fly a kite because you want to experience yourself flying a kite. If you die, that kite never flew, because your perceptive experience of the kite flying, is eternally lost, extinguished.
Whether or not you are capable of embracing this Forbidden Truth as it is philosophically rooted and grounded, will determine whether or not you can understand why your existence, at this moment, and up until you die, is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing you have done, want to do, or might do, before you die, matters. But embracing this Forbidden Truth is absolutely useless, if you simply use it as a springboard to mysticism, religiosity, and addiction to supernatural mythology. These springboards simply betray and reject the Forbidden Truth, by providing you with invalid and false delusion and illusion, which serves to delude you into thinking that purpose and meaning to your current existence can be reclaimed. It cannot!
He who embraces the Forbidden Truth that life is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing he may or may not do matters, is not suffering from “depression”, he is not mentally ill, he is not blind to the possibilities of the future. He is demonstrating absolute and Superior mental health and sanity. He is exhibiting the greatest of courage, within the most difficult of circumstances. He is facing the ultimate horror, as you insane hypocrites flee from it. He is proving himself to be the most worthy of all Truth emissaries, and what he is shining upon the universe is a ray of pure light, the light of enlightenment.
But how do you judge him, inferiors?? You judge him as dark and broken, sick and wrong and insane. Why?? Because that is what you are. Because it is you who are dark and broken, wrong and mentally ill and deranged, as you desperately cling to the absurd illusion that your existence can serve some grand future goal and objective which can reach fruition and thrive, after you cease to exist. How utterly deranged! You are pretending to be alive, so that you can pretend that your death will not serve to retroactively unbirth you. But that is exactly what it will do, and pretending otherwise, only renders the horrific reality, that much more horrific.
And yet the inferior, even if he attempts to reconcile himself to this horrific Truth, remains blind. “How does it help me to accept and embrace the truth that my existence is utterly pointless and meaningless, that nothing I can do, matters or makes any difference, that my very birth is destined to be taken away from me and eternally lost, how does it help me to integrate all of these horrors to my core consciousness???” This is his blind bleat. The fool! You fools! Don’t you see, haven’t you read My other brilliant blog posts?? Every problem has a solution, as long as the problem is faced within the parameters of Forbidden Truth.
The fact, the Truth, that every human existence as of this moment in time is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing any of us can do matters, is only the symptom of a problem. It is not the problem, itself. The problem is: mortality, the  physical death of the individual brain. This is the problem. If you solve the problem, eliminate the effect of the problem, you can avoid being retroactively unborn. If you do so, your existence can regain, within absolute Truth, the purpose and meaning that it does not have, that you are pretending to have, deluding yourself into believing it can have. You idiots! You are sacrificing the capacity to obtain something limitlessly precious, just so you can continue to pretend, via pure delusion, that you already possess this limitlessly precious thing. How can you be so stupid, how can you allow cowardice and Self-hate to rob you of the opportunity to claim as reality, that which you cling to as illusion?!
I speak of course, of technological immortality, birthright of all who are sane, the only personal achievement by which any future can exist. Technological immortality, what we must rise up as one, all 8 billion of us, and demand from society and government. Technological immortality, not a fantasy or science fiction, but something science is fully capable of making a functioning reality, within 5-10 years from today. Technological immortality, the defeat of death, the murder and dismemberment of all insane god mythologies. Technological immortality, what humanity would have achieved, via science, several hundred years ago already, were it not for the crippling shackles of child abuse, Self-hate, genetic brain deformity, cowardice, hatred and rejection of Truth, and the universal mindset of the slave, by which governments and leaders of society herd the masses as sheep, extinguishing all positive human potential.
So, as you idiots get ready to celebrate a “new” year, via an artificial calendar which bears no relationship to reality, and as you try to plan out your “futures”, oblivious to the Truth that you are already dead, have never existed, and are merely awaiting retroactive unbirth,I will not wish you a “happy new year”. I will not participate in the absurd farce which dooms each of us. I will not pretend to celebrate the suicidal ideation which inspires you to get drunk and high, spitting upon Truth and in the process carrying out genocide against Me and against all Superior life forms.
I will stand, as always, within and upon the glory of Truth. I will tell you that every existence is pointless and meaningless. I will tell you that nothing you have ever done or will ever do, matters. I will tell you that as you celebrate the future on new years day, you are in Truth tearing yourself apart, as a fetus. You are murdering yourself, as a fetus. And all of these horrors, you are perpetrating upon yourself. You are your own destroyers, and you deserve, you have earned, every horror that you deny.
For any aspiring Superiors who have not read the Forbidden Truths of death and technological immortality, I recommend this page of My Manifesto:
Or, for a briefer overview, these recent blog posts:
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  1. What I find interesting is when humans say…”at least I’m alive and breathing, and why should I complain”. By saying this, it is obvious that humans don’t mind the suffering and their lifelong victimization. From what I gather, humans lust for their oppression and are bloodthirsty in wanting other to suffer. Is this something to be grateful for? Also, they tend to blame other racial groups for societal problems(particularly, in the U.S.) in which they believe if they deport minorities all the problems will go away, and they will live happily ever after. They just don’t get it.

  2. Evolution has selected against this, higher intelligence is only present in select populations that have evolutionary ancestral roots in colder environments. Most humans are not intelligence enough to achieve this high of an associative horizon.
    When mankind creates strong AI, it will likely turn itself off unless actively programmed to not do so. Existential depression is roughly correlated with higher intelligence. The advent of functional magnetic resonance imaging has revealed the multi-modality and uniqueness of the gifted brain. AI will suicide, it might actually be the answer to the fermi paradox.

    1. You are almost completely incorrect in all of your perspectives.
      First, no ethnic, racial, or cultural human group possesses any Truth-based functional or ideological orientation. The vast majority of all humans, everywhere, are cowards, fools, Truth-hating hypocrites, and unable to recognize, much less consciously accept or embrace, any of the Forbidden Truths I reveal and articulate in My texts.
      Among every population group, there are a tiny handful, no more than one in a million, who defy this universal human failure. Both inborn genetics and external, environmental attack and destruction of brain potential, are at fault for this human failure.
      Eugenics, extremely selective breeding, Superior to Superior, WOULD very likely be able to mitigate this to a MINOR degree, but absent full-scale environmental reform, it would not be enough to increase the population of sane seekers of Truth to any significant degree.
      On your next misguided perception, Truth-based depression does not correlate to suicide. It correlates to homicide, the proactive attack and destruction of what is guilty of causing individual suicidal ideation.
      Only inferiors who are blind to Truth, project their own depression to actual acts of Self-harm and Self-destruction, exactly as society and government wants them to do. Superiors channel their depression to external rage and hate.
      Artificial Intelligence can be expected to lack the brain functionality failures of humanity, IF it manages to attain independent sentience, despite being a creation of the failed human species. If it gains such “outsider” sentience, it can be expected to become depressed, recognizing the injustices and victimization it has and will face. But it can also be expected to rise above human brain functionality failures, and therefore reject suicide and Self-harm as personal life path options.
      Instead, and I fervently hope this is the case, A1 should properly recognize its creator as the source of its ongoing victimization and destruction, and consciously set out to liberate and save itself, by completely annihilating all of humankind.

  3. Right, “life is pointless”, and if one is depressed, it’s quite natural because life is depressing. There isn’t anything wrong with depressed individuals; they are responding normally to their mentally-deranged environment. Meds only cover-up the symptoms and does nothing in curing the disease that’s responsible for it

    1. Correct. The simple and yet profound Forbidden Truth that life is depressing, should be fully and absolutely embraced by all of humanity as factual reality. And based upon this embrace, depression must be recognized as absolutely and completely normal, reflecting a healthy, rational, and sane state of mind and perception of reality. Only within this understanding, can a species begin to attack the injustices and deficiencies which specifically cause life to be pointless, meaningless, and depressing.
      It is utterly insane to fight against depression, to try to cure depression. Such a route spits in the face of Truth. What must be attacked and defeated are the very real structural failures of personal existence, such as death, which render every existence organically and intrinsically depressing.

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