Why Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an amerikkkan Federal Holiday

January 16, 2017, is a nationwide, federally decreed under law holiday in the fascist dictatorship of amerikkka. There are a total of 10 federal holidays, and MLK Day is the most recently enacted, just in 1983.
Let Me begin by revealing that all of the Forbidden Truths I state below are applicable to ALL official holidays, as decreed by every regime on planet earth. The purpose of holidays, and the reasons why governments create holidays, are identical, for all regimes.
Holidays are created to exalt the legitimacy of government, to create enslaving mythologies for the matrix of universal illusion which compel devotion and allegiance to the slave structure of govt, and to serve as useless mitigations for the lifelong labor, monetary, and ideological slavery every govt imposes upon its citizen-slaves.
Who was Martin Luther King Jr? He was an empowered member of The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Promoting universal slavery, under the cloak of a fight for freedom.
Every terrorist structure of government is based, built, and sustained upon false mythologies. amerikkka was based, built, and is sustained upon false mythologies of freedom and equality.
The Forbidden Truth: No amerikkkan citizen-slave has ever been free. government and freedom are mutually exclusive, you idiots. The lie of freedom is a founding mythology of the regime. And the kidnapping and importation of african slaves to amerikkka, was conceived & implemented specifically to legitimize this mythology. It was not done for a primary reason of acquiring needed laborers. The primary reason was to enhance the lie, the mythology, that the european citizen-slaves were free.
More Forbidden Truth: Equality is nothing to aspire to, nothing to celebrate, and of absolutely no positive or beneficial value, if it simply means that everyone will be victimized, oppressed, enslaved, terrorized, and murdered. And that is exactly what the fight for equality in amerikkka is all about.
All mythologies of government fade & dim over time. They must be constantly reinforced and propped up, and this is done via the unrelenting attack of brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination.
Kidnapping africans and declaring them to be “slaves”, was a stroke of tactical genius by the regime. How can the majority of slaves (the whites) ever awaken to their own slavery, if they are deluded to believe that others (the blacks), embedded right within their very own society, are the actual slaves?! Genius tactical cloak!
But despite the genius of it, cracks began to develop. The blacks themselves were forced to face up to the Truth of their own slavery. After all, they were told they were slaves, by the regime. Enter abraham lincoln, servant of the Matrix of Universal Illusion, to initiate the grand lie of equality. “We will allow you to fight for equality!” The grandest of illusions was born! But equal to what?? The cloaked universal slavery of all whites, you idiots!
For 100+ years, this perverse illusion worked perfectly for the regime of amerikkka. The blacks persisted in their absurd struggle to gain equality, and the regime did a great job of stretching the struggle out, placing obstacles in the way, covertly encouraging the KKK and other “white power” groups to form and flourish, not because they feared the black struggle for freedom and equality, after all, nobody was free and equality only meant universal slavery as it has always existed in amerikkka, but because the struggle itself was vital to the Matrix, in maintaining the foundational lie of freedom in amerikkka.
But after 100+ years of amerikkkan holocaust, more cracks began to develop. The blacks got tired of the struggle being artificially stretched out by the regime, and a small number of whites began to perceive isolated elements of the matrix as it Truly exists and functions.
Enter the 20th century “civil rights movement”. And enter Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr was an operative for the amerikkkan regime. I do not know, and it does not matter, WHEN he became an operative. The point is that, at the time he was officially named and designated by the regime as a “civil rights leader”, he was working as an operative for the regime.
And, important note: It is completely plausible that he genuinely did not perceive himself to be an operative for the regime, ever, until his murder. Most citizen-slaves are so trapped within the matrix of universal illusion, that even after they are recruited by the matrix to serve it in a leadership role, they possess no conscious awareness of how they are being used and manipulated.
MLK Jr. was the perfect figurehead to seal all of the mythology cracks in the middle of the 20th century. He was a preacher, therefore carried the terrorist force of the Insane God Myth behind everything he said and did. He was black, so the idiotic black slaves could identify with him.
He preached non-violence, directly cloaking the Forbidden Truth of the universal violence that is government, and that freedom can only be obtained via the violent eradication of government. In promoting non-violence, he ensured the terrorist regime of amerikkka would continue to flourish, and in consistently promoting protests demanding change, he insured the only viable solution, anarchy, would never even be conceived of, much less considered, by amerikkkan citizen-slaves.
MLK Jr’s entire ideological platform stood solely upon the attainment of equality. Equality to whites. But the whites are slaves, they have always been slaves! So the entire civil rights movement of the 20th century served to exalt and legitimize the universal slavery for all, that is the foundational mandate of ALL governments.
It was the reawakening of a profound, noble, grand struggle, intended to inspire all amerikkkans, blacks and whites together, to fight for…universal slavery for all!
And this is why Martin Luther King Jr. Day is now a federal holiday. Because MLK Jr. is now a god to the matrix of universal illusion, and must be presented as such to you slaves. You must honor and worship him, obey his decrees, emulate his choices. You must be inspired to continue to fight for…universal slavery for all!
Lincoln bought the regime 100+ years of genocide. How many years will Martin Luther King bring?? Already his horrific deception has thrived for about 60 years, and it is more popular and universally embraced as valid and legitimate today, by amerikkkan black and white slaves, than it was in 1970 or 1990. The delusion has gotten stronger over time, not weaker, as it did in the 100 years after Lincoln declared the black slaves “free”.
Here you see the Truth of human devolution, increasing its death spiral just in recent decades. And, if you possess a Mind Wide Open, you understand exactly why this terrorist regime chose, in 1983, to create this new federal holiday.
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