Why ISIS Censors Beheading Videos

One of My 3 or 4 genuine fans asked a question in a comment, that I have deemed worthy of being addressed via a complete blog post, as the answer itself reveals valuable Forbidden Truths. He wanted to know why ISIS censors its own beheading videos of westerners, as it has done in all four of the videos it has chosen to release to the world. Let us dissect the reasons why, and the Forbidden Truths at play.
First, we must understand that what ISIS is doing absolutely qualifies as censorship. It is not simply “editing”. These four videos are all very specifically edited, but the decision by the editors to show only the very beginning of each beheading, the first 2 or 3 seconds of the act, then to cut the video off and return it to display only the fully severed head, constitutes censorship.
It is clear to any logical thinker that this censorship is selective. Meaning that the full videotapes which depict the complete beheading in uncensored form, obviously do exist, and obviously are being watched, replayed, and enjoyed, by full-fledged members of ISIS. The four beheading videos of westerners that have been released to the west by ISIS, are designed to propagandize western citizen-slaves, as well as to attempt to actively solicit new recruits from the west, to join ISIS.
All governments, to varying degrees, and ISIS absolutely qualifies as a government, utilize brainwashing, lies, and indoctrination, to solicit immigration. amerikkka is the single greatest prostitute regime in the world, compulsively and pathologically seeking to entice immigration, to solicit slaves of other regimes to decide to abandon and reject slavery to those regimes, in favor of slavery to the amerikkkan regime. ISIS is doing exactly what amerikkka is doing, via its beheading videos and other propaganda: It is is soliciting immigrants to pledge allegiance as new citizen-slaves. usa does the exact same thing.
So, ISIS is selectively censoring its beheading videos of westerners, to try to more successfully deliver its propaganda messages, and to more successfully recruit new citizen-slaves. But why would not showing the full beheadings on video, aid this effort? Here we begin to delve into Forbidden Truth.
All indoctrination occurs in stages. There is a vast difference in the psychological state of mind and reality perception, between a full-fledged member of ISIS, fully brainwashed, who has pledged allegiance and devotion to this government, and the discontented citizen-slave of the west, who has come to rightfully hate the government which enslaves him, but has not been successfully brainwashed to pledge allegiance to a different slave struture. The latter must be wooed, brainwashed to believe that the slave structure he is tentatively considering pledging his allegiance to, is not a slave structure.
To the sane thinker, this is obviously absurd. But of course no citizen is sane. The very mindset of accepting citizenship on a personal level, proves derangement of mind and inability to formulate rational reality perception. The censorship of the actual act of beheading in these four videos plays to the antiseptic nature of the mind of the indoctrinated western citizen-slave. Slaves of the west do not like facing up to the Truth that they are bloodthirsty savages obsessed with the most extreme of violence. No, they prefer to maintain the illusion that they are civilized, even as they revel in every form of violence.
The censored ISIS beheading videos begin with the victim telling the world the actual Truth of why he is about to be murdered. This Truth is then verbally reinforced by the murderer himself. Then the victim is attacked, then the victim is shown dead, already beheaded. The Truth is, each of these four human beings was murdered because of the fact that they were citizen-slaves of the usa and uk, therefore they represent the genocidal actions and policies of these regimes. The usa and uk are responsible for causing all four murders, because if usa and uk had not chosen to initiate insane war rituals, and to impose their political and sociological doctrines via force and via brainwashing upon other nation-states, the western war partner of ISIS would never have come to exist.
This important Truth is undermined. in terms of capacity of the western audience to recognize and embrace, by a long and very graphic video which shows in full, the beheading victim being beheaded by a member of ISIS. The censorship by ISIS, helps enraged and disenfranchised citizen-slaves of the west, to come to the realization of Truth that their own malevolent regime is guilty of and responsible for causing these beheadings, as well as their own personal child abuse and ongoing injustices and traumas. Of course joining ISIS is not a rational or viable solution, the solution is to rise up and target for destruction, their own regime. Joining ISIS does not and cannot achieve this goal. ISIS is a diseased and illegitimate structure of brutal enslavement, just as us and uk are. But this Truth is fully cloaked from brainwashees, and joining ISIS becomes the obvious solution to the successfully propagandized westerner.
Once you become a full-fledged member of ISIS, viewing the uncensored beheading videos should stimulate great excitement and pleasure, with full immersion in the doctrine of the infidels, the holy war, revenge against the west for its murders of millions of muslims, etc… But this does not work as well, as a recruiting tool for westerners who are “on the fence”, who need wooing, and who have been conditioned by their slavemasters to shy away from consciously open embrace of highly graphic violence.
I must give three cheers and hats off to the editors of these four ISIS beheading of westerners videos. They have struck the perfect balance of revealing the Forbidden Truth of how malicious western regimes are, positioning slavery to ISIS as a viable option for those seeking to unleash personal rage and hate, and allowing westerners who are so inclined, to revel in the actual beheadings themselves, without the highly graphic content which might confuse and dissuade those who are unaccustomed to consciously facing up to graphic violence on a personal level.
All brainwashing must play to a specific audience. Every attempt to indoctrinate and brainwash must be carefully formulated, with full understanding of the exact, existing reality perceptions of the target audience. And brainwashing must occur in stages, most especially when adults, or at least teen-agers, rather than small children, are being targeted. Further, an attempt to change the minds of those who have already been indoctrinated by a different slave structure, is much more difficult and must be approached from a different perspective, than the ongoing brainwashing and indoctrination of someone who was born into and raised up within the same slave structure.
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  1. By the way my newest post has a reference and a quote to your war essay. I used a quote to help illustrate a point I was making about a movie I’d seen recently. Obviously I have no clue if you’ve seen the movie(if you actually have I’d love to hear what you think), but if you haven’t and don’t mind spoilers can check out the context if you want.

    1. Have not seen this movie, but have just read your entire blog post, and it expresses some Forbidden Truths of the insane war ritual very well, and thanks for mentioning My Manifesto and war essay. Wish I had time to watch the movie itself, but I do not.

    1. Yes, I do. Truth is important. It is not very complicated, but every sincere question which directly relates to Forbidden Truth deserves a comprehensive reply, which covers every angle of the issue. Such replies do not merely strengthen the Truth, but the understanding of the Truth-teller, as to the underlying merit and validity of the Truth itself.

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