Why I Will Always Support Open and Public Online Harassment

I am a victim of online harassment, and so the dull, unenlightened mind might assume I would oppose it, but I certainly do not. As an untouchable Superior, all attacks against and upon Me on a personal level are harmlessly absorbed within the glory of supreme ego, and turned around to nurture and uplift every aspect of My Self-perceptive universe.
All online open and public harassment should be 100% legal, and overtly supported, by all who are sane and seek Truth. Let us understand how the Matrix of Universal Illusion delivers its endless parade of propaganda brainwashing and indoctrination: It is done via control of voices. The Matrix chooses exactly and specifically which voices are amplified, and which are silenced.
Television, radio, newspapers, and magazines have always and continue today, to give the Matrix absolute control over who has a voice, how loud, meaning popular, the voice is allowed to become, and who is completely silenced and shut out.
Editorial and opinion “pages” or commentaries only worsen this perverse reality of universal censorship, as the Matrix selects and controls exactly which alternative perspectives it allows to be entered into the consciousness of the Unwashed Masses.
Only online, and only via online harassment, very specifically, can Forbidden Truth gain access to the empowered agents of the Matrix of Universal Illusion. Only via online harassment, can Truth actually be spoken to power.
The Matrix condemns online harassment, terminating the accounts of online harassers, even as it imposes the greatest of all forms of harassment, providing political, religious, and selectively handpicked social leaders with clean platforms upon which to terrorize, brainwash, and indoctrinate humanity itself, as a collective whole, from the most vulnerable child-mind on up.
This is the True face of online harassment, the face none of you are allowed to perceive.
An online forum such as twitter, claims it is important to protect users from online harassment. Yet it provides users whose doctrine society and government approves of, with unlimited capacity to impose this doctrine upon all who exist as brainwashed disciples. To harass all, with impunity.
Then, when and if a singular individual dares to step up and overtly challenge the messenger and the message, he is condemned as guilty of harassment, most especially if he does so at the timeline of his target, rather than his own timeline. Obviously the only appropriate venue is the target timeline, where millions are being harassed by the societal agent, instead of at his own timeline, where media control dictates he has only a tiny fraction of audience.
Always I will proudly support all online harassment, until the True nature of this harassment is exposed for all to know: The universal harassment that is inflicted by the empowered political, social, cultural, and media agents of the Matrix.
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  1. Truth aside I find it funny how celebrities complain on twitter about their “harassment” from their multi-million dollar mansions. As if any 12 year old on the internet isn’t called a faggot, cunt, dumbass and told to kill themselves all over the internet.
    Also find it funny how nobody dares debate your real ideas from your texts, they just spout an insult and run away. Hope you don’t get any real harassment that affects your day to day life Seer.

    1. I screen out and delete dozens of inferior, insulting, and threatening comments every week from My two current interactive publishing platforms. Much more from WordPress than from Ideapod, but that is only because the WordPress audience is much larger.
      My texts invoke terror, psychological terror, within the minds of the Unwashed Masses. Humans respond to terror in different ways, as their True Realities dictate. Fleeing and shunning are the most common, but attacking and trying to harm are also popular, and must be expected. The ONLY reason nobody has tried to physically murder Me yet, is because the pool of inferiors who are exposed to My texts is small.

    1. If you read all of My texts, you will find many uniquely brilliant insights and perspectives that the ordinary human has never considered. This is the result of Me having transcended my humanity, which allows for a detached Alien Eye viewpoint to be realized and articulated.
      Thanks for appreciating the Forbidden Truths.

      1. How, exactly, have You transcended Your humanity? If You don’t mind my being nosey, I’m fairly sure I am only understanding a limited amount, even as I read.

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