Why Humans Subordinate Self to god

Humans despise themselves, and perceive themselves as impotent nothings. This perception is rooted in the fact that they are decreed at birth to be impotent nothings. This is the official status of every child, from birth throughout their entire childhood. Invoking the non-existent god creature is the socially accepted way for humans to maintain their own externally indoctrinated self-image of being an impotent nothing.
The more “successful” a human becomes, as judged by his society, the more likely he is to pathologically cling to the god creature as being in control of his existence, because he cannot reconcile his own perception of personal worthlessness, with being judged and told that he is successful and superior by his fellow humans.
Just another factual illustration of how universal child abuse is directly responsible for all adult human ideological and behavioral derangements, such as belief in god, submission to slave labor, and embrace of the oppressive slavery that is governmental rule.


  1. “Sin also causes one to reject authority. Overturning the rights of others can be a consequence, but as one’s own possessions and accomplishments are inflated, outside authority is threatening to our lifestyle. It could very well restrict our desire to be free, so it must be fought.”

  2. It’s tragic that humans haven’t figured out that they have been played by the god myth. With all the ongoing injustices, enslavement, child abuse, etc. humans still believe that there is a god: a god that has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of humans. It’s really ridiculous, and that’s why these problems never, ever, go away

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