Why Do I Post My Brilliant Ideas on NYE?

It’s not an accident or coincidence, humans. As you should know by now, I’m NOT interested in helping you creatures. I’m not interested in having My brilliant insights and proposals widely disseminated and seriously considered. I just like to throw you idiots life preservers, while I watch you drown.
And so, new years eve is the perfect time to slip in a few of My most brilliant and “helpful” ideas and insights of Forbidden Truth. You fools, the vast majority of you, are busy deliberately pouring, snorting, and injecting toxic, corrosive substances into your bodies in a desperate attempt to delude yourselves into believing there is something to celebrate, and also desperately engaging in interactive socialization, trying to find a human to give you a kiss and/or agree to play with your sexual thingie later tonight.
You are too busy to read My brilliant posts tonight, and tomorrow you will be too sick and tired, so they slip right past you, as is My intent. (Insert Evil Grin here) 🙂
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