Why Do Humans Celebrate Halloween?

All holidays are inventions of the human devil, the hive mind of society which demands control, obedience, subservience, and the embrace of insane absurdity from, of, and by the Unwashed Masses. Every holiday has a specific intent, a functional, operational goal, to promote, legitimize, popularize, a primary human deranged pathological structure.
In amerikkka, christmas promotes the insane god myth. new years day promotes the perverse, absurd concept of sacrificing the present reality for an imaginary future that is impossible for us to experience due to the eternal nothingness of personal death.
valentine’s day promotes the validity of the absurd concept of romantic love. veteran’s day promotes becoming a legal murderer for your greatest enemy and personal destroyer. memorial day fetishizes committing suicide and murdering yourself to protect and defend and strengthen your slavemaster. mothers day promotes the legitimacy of the universally harmful and functionally absurd sacred family unit delusion. fathers day does the exact same thing as mothers day.
independence day promotes the deranged concept that a government which enslaves and oppresses you, actually provides you with personal freedom. labor day fetishizes and idolizes personal labor slavery as a noble and honorable life path choice. thanksgiving promotes nationalistic genocide under the lies of peace and freedom.
Every holiday strengthens different foundational structures of human oppression, victimization, injustice, enslavement, and torment. This is the function of the holiday for society and government.
And so we come to halloween, one of the most popular of all holidays, a holiday which has increased in popularity just in recent decades. And why?? Because halloween cuts right to the heart of engaging a population that is devolving to extinction. A population obsessed with death, worshipping death. A population to whom terror is a way of life, human beings who have always been terrorized, who are always being terrorized, who find catharsis in terrorizing others.
halloween is a celebration of terrorism, it empowers adults to terrorize children as a public policy. It empowers children to look into the face of death with eagerness, curiousity, and delight. “Frighten me, so that I can pretend the real and True terrorism I have experienced every other day of my real life, is imaginary. Frighten me, so that I can believe that to be terrorized is normal, natural, fun. And even more importantly, allow me to frighten others, to be the terrorist. It’s all in good fun, I will terrorize children by wearing a scary costume on halloween, then the next day I will terrorize children by spanking them, and the next day I will rejoice in the terrorism carried out by my government to murder complete strangers it has demonized for me.”
Halloween brings terrorism into the mainstream. Halloween legitimizes the terrorism which is an integral part of everyday life, for all 21st century humans. Halloween promotes both the terrorizing of others, and being terrorized by others, as natural, normal, as mainstream as worshipping a non-existent god creature.
Halloween celebrates the human worship of death. Skeletons, ghosts, goblins, zombies, vampires. Halloween positions fear as desirable, and death as an amusement. It is the perfect holiday to meet the needs of the pathologically suicidal and the pathologically homicidal. “It’s fun to be scared…..to death!”
Planet earth exists as an asylum for the mentally deranged. The deranged run the asylum, the deranged decree what is normal and what is not, and they do so in order to conceal from themselves, their own derangement.
That is why the holiday of halloween exists, so that for one day out the 365, humans can pretend they are deranged. By this pretense, they conceal from themselves, and from all of human consciousness, the Forbidden Truth that they are in fact functionally deranged all of the time, all 365 days of the year, as they murder themselves, murder others, terrorize others, terrorize themselves, abuse themselves, abuse others, and worship death, in pathological reflection of their own personal destruction as created victims of the greatest horror show in the universe: The daily experience of childhood, adulthood, socialization, and citizenship within the mind cages of 21st century human society.
Each of you is Freddy, Jason, and Michael, and every other boogeyman.  The terrorism and murder rampage that you carry out is 365 days a year, and it is no myth or legend or superstition. It is the reality of child abuse, or war, of hunting, of punishment, of discipline, of mind control, of child ownership, of universal slavery for all, of the mind shackle. Each of you is fleeing in terror, all of the time, fleeing in terror of the Truth. And each of you is terrorizing others, longing to capture, to tear apart, to open veins, to suck the life out of everyone and everything.
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