Who Are The Leaders of 21st Century Humanity?

As I have clearly and comprehensively revealed within My brilliant texts, leadership itself is an invalid and failed human construct, an ideological and behavioral pathology which cripples and destroys all human potential.
This “leads” us, no pun intended, to the next step: Who are the foundational leaders of 21st century humanity? There are four separate and distinct groups, and seekers of Truth must understand their primary role in subjugating all human potential to rise up and put an end to the leadership construct itself.
They are:
1: Elected political leaders.
2: Appointed political and secular leaders.
3: Religious leaders.
4: The mainstream media
Elected political leaders form the cornerstone of the perverse leadership construct. They are the official slavemasters of the unwashed masses, their authority to lead decreed absolute, by virtue of their success in brainwashing, terrorizing, and appeasing a majority of the Unwashed Masses.
It is important to understand that the local elected councilman of a tiny town, plays just as great a role in maintaining the toxic structure of leadership, as does the president or prime minister of an entire country.
Next we have the appointed political and secular leaders. These are the police chiefs, the school board administrators, the municipal budget directors, all who are given leadership positions by elected political leaders. Their role is even more insidiously sinister than the elected leader, because they operate more covertly.
Next, all who preach the insane god myth, using religion to terrorize, oppress, and impose the lie of morality, cloaking the universal malice of their society.
Last but NOT least, the mainstream media. I used to think these humans were mouthpieces for leaders. I was WRONG. Journalists CONTROL what the unwashed masses see, hear, think, believe. They DICTATE the universe of ideas AND of reality perception. Absolute leaders.
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  1. The mass media not only determines exactly what you think about, but defines the correct way to think about it. The same broadcast elite that just anointed Donald Trump as a business genius at one extreme – also created the perception of the “reality TV” star as a demagogue on the other side. No matter where you stand in the political spectrum, the mass media controls the entire policy range itself. Support the president-elect or oppose him, the communications industry constrains you just as much.

    1. Correct. Definitional brainwashing is at the heart of human perceptive failure, and who better to definitionally brainwash the Unwashed masses, than the journalist, taught and trained very specifically on how to effectively deploy words to deliver specific messages?
      Every human derangement of mind begins with flawed perception, and the media weaves this universe of illusion, via written and spoken word, molded to deliver a specific message, rather than to expose and reveal facts and Truths.

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