Where Are All The Tears?

Why isn’t everyone crying, all of the time?
Why has this entire planet not yet been submerged forever by the tears that cannot be stopped?
Let us never cry for others, never!
Only for Self, let us hoard our tears.
Look what has been done to Me, always, forever, and now. Always now, the eternity of endless nows.
The Self weeps, that nobody dares cry for Him.
You will cry for the actors and the pretenders. You will cry for the imagined suffering of others. But you will not cry for Yourself.
I cry only for Myself, the tears circulate like blood, rarely leaking out.
What if everyone cried, always, only for Self? Personal pain the only True god.
Nobody would ask the other, why are you crying? Because they would be too busy, crying too.
Every tear should burn right through whatever it touches, right through everything, through planet earth, leaving a hole that never closes, from north to south pole, so everyone can see clearly the eternity of their own suffering.
"Monster Man" eyeless..
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