What Will You Do For Money, Citizen-Slave??

Will you sacrifice and destroy your physical health?
Will you help your greatest enemy to more easily and effectively destroy you?
Will you waste your infinitely precious and finite illusion of existence, never to be experienced for all the remainder of cosmic eternity, obeying orders and serving others, as you betray and ignore Yourself?
Will you help to destroy all human potential to recognize and embrace Truth?
Will you lie, to Yourself and to others?
Will you inflict physical and psychological pain upon Yourself?
Will you censor your own mind and voice?
Will you worship at the alter of possessions, while you abdicate all ownership and autonomy of and over Yourself, your present, and your future?
Will you die, satisfied in the belief that others will live better thanks to your death?
Will you kill, by and with your own direct physical hand?
Will you kill, by empowering and authorizing government to carry out legal murder in your name?
Will you poison the minds of all helpless children, by addicting them to the mind toxin of money, and the deranged mandate of The Matrix of Universal Illusion that they are obligated to waste their lives desperately pursuing something utterly worthless, in order to avoid starvation, homelessness, disease, and early death?
Will you provide amusement and distraction for humanity, serving The Matrix, so that they never have to face up to the Forbidden Truth of what money is doing to them, as it does to you, in reflective real-time?
Will you shackle your own bodies and minds, hogtie your own spirits, castrate freedom and personal autonomy, paralyze your own consciousness, with pieces of paper and carved metal created via the murder of living trees, and the rape of natural resources, and imprinted with meaningless numbers by the most evil and destructive force ever known to mankind, the force that holds you and all of humanity hostage as you are systematically murdered?
Yes, you will.
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  1. Yes I will.
    I will despite agreeing with every word and the implied understanding behind your statements.
    I will despite sharing your view point in full or partial about the pointer words such as Citizen slave, Illusion, matrix and others.
    Yes I will. Because even as you write and try to put an anti illusion perception in me or other limited no of readers for these kind of subjects, you also know that YES YOU WILL. You also know That you and I are powerless against a very powerful system against which you complain , the system you call Matrix , the system that have made us Citizen slaves.
    I will because The Matrix is controlled by Unknowns that are so powerful that they have the ability to control nearly all the human population on this earth.
    I will because the appearance of this Matrix is not based upon mere suggestion and conditioning but solidly upon raw and brutal FORCE observed in the terrorizing scenes of military, police, courts and prisons in action; which is beyond all the recourses available to any single or groups of citizen slaves such as organizing into purposeful opposing processes , spreading of awakening through publications mediums, reinforcement of our self determination desire through the judicial systems. Just very such institutions are owned and controlled by the Unknown masters.
    I will because I have to fight a GLOBAL system and for fighting such a huge system you require an equivalent system, a system which has basically all the basic institutions equivalent of all institutions MILITARY, PRESS, JUDICIARY , POLITICS, BUSINESS upon which the present Matrix is built and that requires enterprise, resources and recruitment GIVEN you are allowed to survive in your efforts to do so.
    I will because I wont be able to persuade fellow humans into such group of anti Matrix activity of any kind .As you mentioned in your statement,I wont be able to safeguard their valid concerns and risks related to their very existence “… in order to avoid starvation, homelessness, disease, and early death?”

    1. Every human born, trapped on planet earth, is a real-time imprisoned slave and tortured victim-creation of government and the genocidal structures it was created and imposes upon all of humanity. This is absolutely correct, and the fact I have both rejected and transcended My own humanity, does not alter these universal facts.
      The key point seekers of Forbidden Truth must fully comprehend, is that government and The Matrix of Universal Illusion thrive ONLY via the WILLING CONSENT of humanity as a whole.
      The individual human is powerless to destroy and eradicate government and The Matrix, but humanity as a collective whole, is not.
      As a species, humanity wants to suffer, wants to die, wants to exist as doomed slaves, wants to reject and abandon all Truth, wants to dwell within a universe of pure self-illusion and self-delusion.
      Why does humanity WANT this?? I answer this question in many of My essays, as I dissect the issues of universal child abuse, genetic and environmentally-caused retardation and crippling of brain functionality, etc…
      Humanity as a species is hopelessly broken, The Matrix CAUSES and maintains this. Something like money is useless in terms of waging direct war against The Matrix. This is a one-sided weapon, it cannot be effectively deployed by individuals against government and The Matrix. Not all weapons are useless in this way, but money is.
      Money can be used by the individual to limit how quickly and easily he is personally destroyed, but such efforts are of no value in the long run, given the Forbidden Truths of death.
      The war against government can only be won by winning the MINDS of the majority, and no amount of money will cause this to occur. Human minds are owned, controlled, destroyed, from birth, via an organized process. The only way to disrupt this process, is to destroy and end all government. But that is impossible because human society is comprised, at every singular moment of time, of the owned, controlled, and destroyed minds of former children, who are far too hopelessly broken and enslaved, as a collective whole, to rise up in the name of Truth.
      It is a classic catch-22 situation, and there is no implementable solution to the problem. Articulating the exact nature of the problem, as I do here, does not provide a solution that can be implemented.
      And so government will continue to hold all of humanity hostage via worthless pieces of paper, while successfully deluding them to believe that this very shackle of universal slavery is in fact a key and a path to freedom, opportunity, progress, and salvation.
      Such is the hopelessness of the human condition.

      1. What is the point of your wasting the time in writing such enlightened articles when you are so convinced that
        “The individual human is powerless to destroy and eradicate government;But that is impossible because human society is comprised;Such is the hopelessness of the human condition”
        And what is the motivation to visit your website or enthusiasm to read you when you as a doctor show me my disease and I agree with you but then you , the doctor say there is no cure ? Suffer.Its your fate.
        Overthrowing the governments can be but one of many alternatives even few people who see through the matrix can work out. Have we reached conclusions about our fate after much discussions with fellow men , after any experience of experiments into alternate patterns of behavior by any meaningful number of people living together ?
        If not, then your despair seems another paid anti propaganda to sustain the propoganda that is our accepted natural living.

        1. Everything any human-born might do, is a waste of time. Time is an illusion, because to die is to have never been born, and if you are never born, you never possessed a single second of time.
          I have no interest in gaining readers or sparking their enthusiasm. My interest is in honoring and sanctifying Myself and the Truth. Truth is sacred and of infinite value in and of itself. To deform it, or to ignore it, for any reason, is perverse and the REASON why humanity is hopelessly doomed.
          False hope and optimism are cancers upon the human mind. You want Me to hide or distort the Truth, in order to make you feel better in reading My texts? Never! Humanity refuses to experiment. Every brilliant idea is buried, rejected, condemned, by humanity as a collective whole. The species is collectively suicidal and Self-hating, parallel to its hatred of Truth.
          I will not waste any “time” trying to enlighten humanity. The species has proven it cannot positively reform. My texts honor Self and Truth, offering the Forbidden Truth as free gift for the tiny handful, less than 1 out of a million, who want to KNOW what IS, instead of wanting to BELIEVE what is NOT. Not real, not True, not possible.
          So, if you are addicted to false hope and optimism, go find it somewhere else, and try to understand that your very choice helps to sustain and strengthen The Matrix, in ways that the courageous embrace of Forbidden Truth cannot and does not.

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