What is Violence?

You say you oppose violence, that you are against violence, that violence must end and be punished. But none of that is True. The Truth is, you celebrate and rejoice in violence. The Truth is, you cannot live without violence. The Truth is, violence is so integrated to your core consciousness as a species, that without violence surrounding you, without violence being committed each and every day, under your direct name, on a genocidal scale, under your chosen sponsorship. you would simply do the one thing that your universe of embraced violence prevents you from doing: Dynamically and immediately murder Yourself.
Violence is the explicit act of murder in crushing and dissecting a human being because he is trapped inside of a womb. You call it abortion, and you celebrate it as a personal right and freedom.
Violence is stalking and murdering species of life that are in every measurable way superior to you, and rejoicing in their deaths as a sport and learned skill. You call it hunting and celebrate it as a personal right and freedom.
Violence is murdering the tortured children that you are guilty of creating, because they dare to show you the Truth of what you are, and what you are guilty of. You call it the death penalty, and you reward your government and society with allegiance and devotion, for sponsoring it in your name.
Violence is every act of legal punishment imposed upon any child, from spanking to forced chores to verbal humiliation. You celebrate this violence by claiming it as an intrinsic right of imposition over what you decree to be subhuman pieces of owned property: Children.
Violence is imposing your own deranged ideological and behavioral pathologies upon the pure, open, and vulnerable minds of all children, a right you claim and demand within the diseased and illegitimate structures of family and tradition.
Violence is all judicial punishment, each and every ritualized verdict of and authorization to, harm, handed down by a judge, court, or jury. You cathartically and sadistically revel in this harm, carried out in your name, under your authority, against your created victims, the children you have destroyed via your sponsorship of violence.
Violence is the compromise of the sane brain functionality of others, via brainwashing, indoctrination, collective coercion and bribery, undertaken by every government and society on earth, governments and societies created by you, propped up and legitimized by you.
Violence is the ritualized hierarchy of bullying, organized terrorization that permeates every aspect of human existence, 4 year olds empowered to kill bugs, 10 year olds empowered to bully 5 year olds, parents empowered to bully children, bosses empowered to bully employees.
Violence is anything that negatively impacts the capacity of a child to develop his own mind universe free of harmful impacts and influences. Every child in the universe you have chosen to create and maintain, is victim of this violence.
Violence is war, the ritualized orgies of organized and reflective rage and hate occurring as the result of a conspiracy between governments to maintain loyalty and allegiance of their citizen-slaves.
Violence is what you do to yourselves every day, in 1000’s of different ways, from getting drunk, to cutting your own body, to wearing high heeled shoes, to engaging in interactive sexual contact, to supporting and defending as a conscious mind, the society and government which is guilty of causing you lifelong harm and of sponsoring your upcoming murder.
Violence is sports, playing and watching, rejoicing in the humiliation and defeat of others, celebrating as they are hit and punched and kicked and knocked to the ground.
Violence is every boss telling an employee what to do, the power of imposition claimed under threat to harm.
Violence is claiming to love someone, when in Truth you are attempting to extort love from him, compromising his capacity to love Himself.
Violence is every personal human relationship, every single one, all are rooted within the need to extract, and grounded within emotional and intellectual deception and manipulation of others.
Violence is every imposed compromise, every external demand, from an individual or a social structure, that you accept a lesser harm or injustice, under threat of being subjected to a greater harm or injustice.
Violence is the denial of your True Reality right to harm others, based upon the factual reality that you have been victimized by the imposed harm of others.
Violence is every rule, every law, every cultural mandate, every tradition and every ritual ever dreamed up by any society or government, designed to narrow and cripple your mind universe, to terrorize you into crawling into cages where you are compelled to exist as obedient slaves to malevolent structures.
Violence is religion and every afterlife mythology, every insane lie imposed upon you for the purpose of getting you to believe that things can be better after you die, and that an imaginary terrorist is real and wants you to suffer and accept harm.
Violence is marriage and parenthood and every other deranged social ritual that enslaves human beings to each other and instructs them to use each other as Poison Containers for their justified rage and hate as created victims.
Violence is the societal decree that every child on earth exists as subhuman piece of owned property, to be subjected to whatever torments his slaveowners, the ex-children destroyed by societal sponsorship of universal violence, desire to cathartically reflect upon him.
I could go on, listing hundreds of additional examples of what violence is, but if you creatures are still unable to recognize that violence exists because of what you are, because of what was done to you, and because of your current and dynamic individual and collective choices as a species, there is no hope for your personal enlightenment.
I have told you what violence is, and if your response to reading this blog post is to continue to support the selective demonization, punishment, and destruction of some violent individuals due to the specific acts of violence they commit, you prove yourself to be a perverse hypocrite who deserves to be victimized by every imaginable form of violence.
If you seek additional enlightenment as to the Forbidden Truths of violence, I suggest you read My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth essays on child abuse, crime, war, and others. You may access My Manifesto via this gateway:


  1. You are brilliant! Humans fail to realize that the matrix that they live their lives by promotes and encourages violence. It’s too bad humans are too mentally defective in putting a simple puzzle together. It’s like humans’ minds are elsewhere and they really don’t know how what is actually happening to them. In a way, they deserve what they get because they support the matrix, and, unfortunately, it is the bane of this universe’s problems

    1. All violence is an accurate reflection of the suffering and trauma of children. I am planning on a blog post in the near future, titled “Child Abuse: The Foundation of Human Civilization”, in which I will dissect how every human ideological and behavioral pathology is directly caused by the universal child abuse suffered by every child on earth.

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