What if Personal Pleasure is the Only Accepted Motivational Force?

Raising the Me, Myself, and I, to omnipotent and infinite value is the obligation of the Superior who basks within unconditional love of Self.
There are many different ways to attain this sacred right and achieve this blissful glory of MindPower. One way is to raise the Pleasure Principle to the same plateau as limitless love of Self.
How would this manifest as functional reality? Lets consider and integrate the primary components:
A) As an individual, I will do nothing unless it provides Me with overt pleasure.
B) As an individual, I will allow nothing to be done to Me that compromises or diminishes My existing and ongoing experience of personal pleasure.
C) As an individual, I categorically reject all external demands, all impositions of obligation, all ideological or moral constructs, that negatively interfere with My ongoing pursuit of personal pleasure.
D) As an individual, I consciously recognize that direct Self-harm, of any kind, is incompatible with the pursuit or the attainment of personal pleasure.
E) As an individual, I embrace as unconditionally valid, My right to deprive others of attaining personal pleasure, if such deprivation directly creates and/or strengthens within Me, the attainment of personal pleasure.
Individually, such an engrossing devotion to personal pleasure would honor Self and Truth at the highest levels. But let’s take it one step further: What if every human individual pledged and attained this level of devotion to the Pleasure Principle?? This would change everything. This would bring down The Matrix of Universal Illusion. Why? Because pleasure and suffering are incompatible.
Every human society and government is founded, based, built, and maintained upon universal suffering for all. The Pleasure Principle as outlined above, renders suffering intolerable, individually and collectively.
If suffering becomes individually intolerable, meaning that individuals refuse to suffer, the very fabric of every existing society and government is directly attacked. If suffering becomes universally intolerable, meaning that all individuals refuse to accept suffering, Truthfully defined as any limitation or deprivation of the attainment of absolute and ongoing pleasure, the very fabric of every society and government is torn asunder and permanently destroyed.
That is all it takes, you idiots. The refusal to suffer, within the envelope of an unconditional demand for sustained and uncompromised personal pleasure.
And for those who say that a universal demand for personal pleasure would end all progress and productivity, you are dead wrong. Because every individual would define pleasure within different parameters. Things that needed to get done, would still get done. Because doing things provides, and does not sacrifice, legitimate pleasure for some humans.
For the Superior, pleasure is a sacred right. For the Unwashed Masses of inferiors, pleasure is something to be feared, judged, condemned, rejected. Self-hate is the disease every child is deliberately infected with, by every human society and government, knowing that Self-hate is incompatible with the Pleasure Principle as brilliantly articulated here, by Me.
Give Me pleasure, always and forever, or I shall tear asunder anything and everything that stands in my way! This must be the war cry of the Self-lover, taking pleasure to the height where it deserves to be, the place where it can reign destruction, to rightfully and pridefully destroy everything that is destroying the Self-universe of Me, Myself, and I, individually and collectively.
Let pleasure be the weapon and the shield, simultaneously. Rendering our minds invincible, and rendering all that seeks and attempts to oppress us, transformed and disintegrated to impotent dust and rubble.

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  1. One can postulate that humans don’t really know what pleasure is, based on the self-harming measures they engage in. Hmmmm…….

  2. Same. I discovered that I was following the core of Tantra, which we in the West think is about sex. It’s about bliss and how healing it is. Opening the inner chambers where bliss flows is the trigger for changing everything. Plus it washes away guilt and shame and a bunch of repressed emotions…the source of a lot of our problems, imo.

    1. There are three very important caveats to the Superior pursuit and embrace of personal pleasure.
      1: Pleasure is NOT happiness. They are very different, virtual polar opposites, They must never be confused, intermingled, or pursued upon parallel tracks. To do any of this, directly undermines the pleasure pursuit itself. Read this for more:
      2: Pleasure must not be pursued or embraced at the compromise of ANY direct recognition/embrace of any Truth, no matter how minor or limited the compromise might be.
      3: Unconditional and limitless love of Self must be achieved prior to undertaking a full-fledged pleasure quest, otherwise you risk finding pleasure within overtly Self-harming actions, which is exactly the cloaked, malicious objective of your mortal enemy, society and government.
      With these caveats firmly understood and embraced, pleasure is indeed a top-level path to personal power and untouchability, enhancing pride, Self-love, and other Forbidden Truth cornerstones of superiority.

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