Western Media Proudly Admits Its Censorship

Ha-ha, this is so sad it qualifies as being funny. Read this article by the International Business Times newspaper, based in england:
The massacre was motivated by the desire of the gunmen to inspire censorship, and in the very text of an article about the massacre, this western newspaper declares: Begin quote: “A shocking video has emerged on social media which shows the execution of a police officer in the Paris shooting near the Charlie Hebdo offices.

The video footage shows a police officer lying on the ground with his hands up after a shot by one of the gunmen before one of them runs up to him and executes him.

The masked men continue to run on after shooting the officer dead with seemingly no remorse for their actions.

The footage has been blurred by IB Times UK for censorship reasons and contains graphic images.” End quote.

How’s that for a kick in the head?? “We are choosing to censor this video. We will not allow you to view it. We describe and admit our own actions to be censorship. We ARE censoring, we openly admit it, because we know you brainwashed slaves are too broken, too Truth-taking, to care. Enjoy our censorship, and continue working as labor slaves, as you read our censorship propaganda and our advertisements advising you on where to spend the useless pieces of paper we force you to carry out slave labor to obtain.”

And the slaves remain blind. Understand: The Forbidden Truths of human existence are being censored right now, deliberately and intentionally, by the specific nature of how the western media is describing, explaining, covering, the Charlie Hebro massacre. And this is because the censorship of Forbidden Truth is universal, the Forbidden Truths that god does not exist, that religion is used by your government to terrorize you, and that your media and your government is your greatest enemy.

Here again is the uncensored video, proudly distributed to the universe by Me, reflecting My rejection of all governments, and My unwavering respect for all Truth:


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