War: The Forbidden Truth Definition

One of the primary reasons humanity is hopelessly doomed, is because none of the primary enslavement and universal victimization structures developed and institutionalized by society and government, are recognized for what they are, defined within Truth, or understood within the context of the role they serve. In this brief but vitally important essay, I will dissect the definitional Truths of the Insane War Ritual.
Let us begin with an understanding of what war is not. War is not the defense of territory, and war is not an attempt to conquer territory. War is not an attempt to protect individuals from harm, or to preserve any freedoms or rights or lifestyles from any external threat.
War may be accurately and Truthfully defined as: “A mutual partnership between two existing or aspiring nation-states. agreed upon in advance, designed to strengthen the political power and internal stability of both nation-states.” All wars are partnerships. There is no “enemy”, there is only a war partner. The war partner is a mutually compatible regime either seeking to consolidate and strengthen its existing hold upon its own citizen-slaves, or seeking to increase and expand its number of slaves who agree to pledge loyalty and allegiance.
The war ritual is intended by every participating regime, to terrorize its own citizen-slaves. The war “foe”, in Truth an agreeable partner, is demonized as evil and dangerous, so that citizen-slaves on both sides are terrorized into agreeing to support and defend “their” government, which in Truth is their greatest enemy, oppressor, and victimizer.
Why do some governments pathologically engage in the Insane War Ritual, while others do not? It is not because of any higher standard of ideological or behavioral evolution on the part of non-participants such as norway or greenland or new zealand. It is simply that these regimes choose to deploy different methods of satiating the rage and hate of their citizen-slaves, who are still encouraged to take “sides” and to cathartically revel in the wars developed and fought by other nation-states.
The Insane War Ritual is an extremely useful form of legal murder, which not merely alllows actual soldiers to celebrate the commission of mass murder of total strangers, but each and every citizen-slave of the nation-state, under whose direct name, each and every war murder is carried out. The collective rage and hate of a brutally destroyed generation of citizen-slaves, as you find in amerikkka, israel, palestine, and many african & middle eastern regimes, is harmlessly dissipitated by government, via the Insane War Ritual, inspiring these destroyed children to misdirect their rage and hate away from their greatest and only True enemy: Their own society and government.
The Insane War Ritual is only possible because a genocidally evil government brainwashes its own citizen-slaves, via direct terrorization, that a horrific fate awaits them if they betray and abandon the very regime which has already inflicted horrific harm upon them, and can only reward them with lifelong slavery, oppression, and the eternal nothingness of death. That citizen-slaves choose to accept this deal with the devil, fervently pledging allegiance to their past, present, and future destroyer, reveals the utter hopelessness of humanity as it devolves to species extinction.
And the brainwashed will bleat that war is about defending and conquering territory, and that the “enemy” really is trying to harm and kill them, but this is pure illusion. And they will say that leaders die, leaders are destroyed by war, and this is True, but it only expresses the Forbidden Truth of the suicidal ideation of humanity as a whole, with heads of state being just as suicidally oriented as any other humans. War remains a mutual partnership. It is engaged in by mutual agreement between two government structures, and its only genuine mandate is to preven “civil” war, prevent and stifle domestic unrest, while providing the illusion of moral justification for the mass murder of complete strangers, motivated by and solicited via brainwashing and indoctrination to strengthen the existing regime via misdirecting the justified, homicidal rage of destroyed children.
If your mind is open to Truth, I would urge you to watch this 1945 amerikkkan government war propaganda video, released to the public just before the amerikkkan regime carried out the unprovoked atomic genocide of hiroshima and nagasaki, and integrate to conscious understanding how the exact same war propaganda has been continuously deployed against all amerikkkan citizen-slaves throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, by this greatest of all warmongering nation-states:

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