Virtual Reality: The New Terrorist Weapon for government

Every weapon ever developed by humanity has always been seized by the terrorist structure of government, maximized in design and deployment, then used against the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves. Always this has occurred, from stones, to knives, to nuclear warheads, and always it will continue, so long as government is allowed to exist.
It is clear to any sane thinker that VR, Virtual Reality technology, is destined to become one of the most brutally harmful weapons ever deployed by government against you, the citizen-slave.
It will be used to distort all of reality. It will be used to compel allegiance and loyalty. It will be used to inspire fear and hate of specifically designated target populations. It will be used as the ultimate psychotropic drug, to create illusions and delusions of bliss and paradise, even as every actual slave existence is rendered more hellish and horrific.
The weaponized uses of VR technology are endless, in both design and scope.
Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, these weapons of reality and Truth destruction are covertly deployed against all of humanity, intentionally promoted and popularized because they serve and attain this primary objective of the hive mind.
Virtual Reality technology will be far cleaner, far more minutely controllable, far more directionally effective, than any substance, in delivering the mind control government seeks and demands.
Whoever owns the human mind, owns humanity. government already owns the human mind, but will do so with far greater precision, entrancing force, and pinpoint directionality, via the weapon of VR technology.
In the coming years, you pathetic slaves will witness this Truth being played out, but you will be completely unaware of it. You will celebrate the new “freedom” afforded by VR technology, oblivious to the Forbidden Truth that what you perceive as freedom, is actually the premier and ultimate slave shackle ever invented.

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