Virtual Reality: Destroyer of Reality and Truth

First there was the storyteller, intoxicating the minds of other humans by verbally imposing his tales. Then came the books of stories, mass produced, able to reach a much wider audience. Then came radio, and television, and video games, and texting, and the internet.
Each wave progressively more sophisticated, entrancing, and enticing, but all built upon the same perverse goal: To create a universe of fictionalized reality, and impose this universe upon humanity on a mass scale, to blot and drown out all reality, all Truth. To create an alternate universe of escape, for the mentally destroyed masses to hide out. Welcome to Fictionville, population 7.2 billion.
And now comes Virtual Reality, taking the destruction of reality and Truth to a new level, and you pathetic idiots¬†are chomping at the bit, desperately eager to dive into ALMOST reality. Why, it’s going to be VIRTUALLY real, awesomesauce!
The hive mind of universal illusion is constantly churning out new & different structures & methods of Truth destruction, useless and toxic distractions to squeeze another 50, 100 years of subservience & death worship out of you, the living dead who cannot see their own coffins.
From money to heaven to slave ownership to horse-drawn carriages to automobiles to airplanes to radios to televisions to video games to the internet, the list of Truth and reality destroyers is endless, and never recognized by you defective fools. Never recognized even in hindsight, much less in foresight,which is what is Truly necessary, to nip in the bud what is about to entrance you.
Virtual reality is invading human consciousness, right now. It is the latest weapon of attack, of the hive mind. Virtual reality is the worship of illusion, religion and the video game melded and put on steroids. Virtual reality can never augment reality and Truth, it can only destroy them further.
If you humans were sane you would destroy virtual reality, as you demand factual reality. But no, dead eyes can never and will never see Truth.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. You are right. In my life most of the ‘awake’ or awaking people I know actually get nauseous from exposure to the ‘fictions’. Yes it is and has to a large extent replaced our lives with fantasies. I am so glad you write these short and to the point essays in a world of regurgitated pap. I look forward to reading your work and share it with others. Bon Courage!

    1. Truth is dead to humanity. Many people say they seek enlightenment and Truth, but when push comes to shove, they choose to dwell within universal illusion. Humans dip a toe and scurry out. This is not awakening, but play-acting.
      So, thanks for the appreciation and for sharing Forbidden Truth with others. It is they who need courage, to recognize what they have done and what they are and what they continue to do each day. The fictional universe cannot be eradicated via selective outsider poses. How many of the few who currently criticize Virtual Reality, will be drawn into its web, give it a try and become addicted??
      Truth is hard-core. No compromise. Knowing what is real and True and valid, the Alien Eye dissecting, not the human eye deliberating and experimenting.

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