Virtual Murder: The Superior Response to Online Personal Insults

Superiors know there are many different forms of murder, and most are perfectly legal. The Superior practices murder on a daily basis, and derives great pleasure from these eradications.
The maximized ego, and limitless love of Self, must be the driving force behind all acts of murder, be they considered or undertaken.
Currently, I respond to all personal insults directed towards Me within the realm of cyberspace, with the act of Virtual Murder. The inferior human is cast out forever from My universe, rendered non-existent. They lose all right not merely to engage Me in dialogue, but all right to have their words exist within any connectivity to My own.
No warnings are given to the inferior, and these virtual murders are impossible to reverse, even if apologies are made, forgiveness begged, or perfectly valid/superior comments are made in the future.
I and I alone am the judge of what constitutes a personal insult.
These virtual murders, like all murders undertaken by the Superior, honor Self and Truth. They are undertaken within the consciousness of personal untouchability as it has been achieved, and as it deserves to be maintained. The Superior does not slay the lion because he tries to murder him, while sparing the fly because he only tries to injure him. No. The Superior slays all who transgress upon him, level and severity are not factored into the response.
Years ago, I used to respond to such inferiors with Truthful messages such as “Thank you for the gift of your fear”. But no more. Time is too precious, and virtual murder is so much more efficient, appropriate, and satisfying. Time is a precious commodity, inferiors can achieve a form of victory, by successfully occupying the time of the Superior.
This post is a gift to humanity, informing the species that no warnings are issued and no second chances are given. Do with your gift as your True Reality dictates.
virtual-murder-7All Text is Copyright ©2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. SEER, I have never been to keen on forgiving those who harmed me; it just doesn’t really make any sense because the harm that humans cause will forever be etched in my memory, and I will also be a victim of it. until death It’s really senseless for society to teach its slaves to forgive knowing that it will not change what has happened or diminish the mental anguish of someone’s brutal and abusive behavior towards me.
    It is my understanding that nothing positive comes from forgiveness, only it delays abuse for a later time in which the abuse will become more intensified. Has it ever occurred to inferiors that forgiveness is very problematic for them, thwarts any progression to come, and it is responsible a great deal of problems associated with ongoing, systematic victimization? For example, a battered wife who forgives her abusive husband over and over again for beating her senseless because he asks her forgiveness and agrees to never, ever hit her again, but he falls back on his promise and repeats the abuse. This example perfectly describes humanity in general; they forgive their oppressor(society) and overlook the harm that it has and continues to inflict on them. I believe the word “sorry”is the word that most humans want to hear from their oppressors because it allows them to revel in their illusions.

    1. More excellent, Truth-honoring perspective of reality from you. Bravo!
      Society and government relentlessly promote the perverse mind contortion of forgiveness to all citizen-slaves, because the choice to forgive IS the choice to passively accept not only past victimization, but current, ongoing, and future victimization. Forgiveness is the legitimization of personal injustice, as suffered and experienced. And forgiveness is highly destructive to proper development and maintenance of healthy, untouchable ego and Self-love.
      You are absolutely correct, there are no personal positives to any form or manifestation of external forgiveness. You should never forgive anyone for anything they have done to harm you, either directly OR indirectly. To profess remorse and say “I’m sorry”, is to ask for and solicit forgiveness, and this solicitation should NEVER be honored. The Superior never forgives, and takes any attempt by a human to solicit forgiveness, as a further, offensive attack, rather than a passive request for atonement.

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