Victims of Terrorism, Reflecting Truth Today

There are no terrorist acts, there are only reflections of the personal terrorism of everyday life, as carried out by the State, and as experienced by individuals who deserve, from the very outset, to be recognized as torture and trauma victims, and to always be treated as such.
I appreciate all acts of reflective violence and rage, because they expose the True source of all violence, they reveal the creator of injustice, they showcase the inspiration for all hate and for all need to achieve and realize personal vengeance, to be the State. Every state, every government structure.
No government fights terrorism. Governments are the sponsor of all terrorism. No government honors freedom of the press. The press and news media exist to serve the ideological mandates of government. Governments solicit reflective acts of violence in order to gain patriotic allegiance from their citizen-slaves, by terrorizing them with the threat of future external violence, and promising to keep them safe, all the while terrorizing every citizen-slaves on a primary level.
Let us integrate these Forbidden Truths to core consciousness, as we honor all individual rights of reflection.
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  1. Humans don’t know that are fighting back from the injustices that they have accumulated over a lifetime, when they snap and harm others. They are unable to connect the dots behind it

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