Victim & Martyr James Eagan Holmes, Rendered Invisible for 18 Months

Hey humans, do you remember James Eagan Holmes? James is the torture victim, the tortured Martyr of late 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society and government, who carried out the Century movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012.
During a midnight screening of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”, James opened fire with a rifle, shotgun, and handgun, shooting 82, and successfully harvesting 12. What a perfect venue to expose the perverse illusion of morality, good and evil as delivered by the Matrix via the mind impositions of pop culture movie, comic book, video game, and book fictions.
You may not have heard much about James lately, especially not over the past 18 months. Why not?? Because his genocidal society decided to make him invisible. It took him from a cage, and moved him to a different cage, in a different place, and refused to let any civilian, including the news media, know the location to which he was moved.
What an incredible violation of the most basic of free speech and human rights!
For 18 months nobody could obtain this simple, basic, elemental piece of information: Simply the physical location of a famous man. This made it impossible for anyone to contact James. Demonstrating the perverse and incestuous nature of the news media, this was accepted. The news media refused to do the investigative journalism required to simply uncover and publicly reveal where Martyr James was being caged.
And the excuse for this horrific violation of the human and free speech rights of James?? That it was necessary in order to protect his safety?! How utterly absurd! You see, back in October of 2015, James was attacked by another Martyr of amerikkkan society, because of a mistake committed by a prison guard in denying James the isolation he was supposed to enjoy.
James did nothing wrong, he was the victim of an unprovoked attack, carried out due to either incompetence or overt malice by jail guard terrorists, yet the government used this excuse to declare he had to be secretly transferred to a different location, for his own protection, and that nobody could be allowed to know the physical address, no civilian, and no member of the media.
Read this:
And this:
Those who are sane can now see the True nature of human rights and freedom in amerikkka, a place where Truth is murdered each and every day, a place where voices of Truth are silenced and hidden and rendered invisible at the demand of a government official, a place where the news media participates in open-air conspiracy with government.
Make no mistake, it was an empowered agent of government who made the decision to compel James’ disappearance from the world stage, to render him literally invisible and nonexistent.
The amerikkkan government does this all of the time! Remember Isabel Martinez, the sweetie who harvested her husband and four child-slaves back in early July? I posted several fascinating essays in response to her impressive rampage. She had a second court appearance already scheduled by date. Then, it was cancelled, and she has disappeared off the face of the earth since then. Impossible to find any news articles on the case, case status, or her physical location.
This is how ultra-fascist regimes like amerikkka behead individuals who reveal and express Truth, individuals who stand up in defiance of the universal harm, victimization, and injustice inherent in the 21st century amerikkkan way of life.
What right and freedom could be more basic, more elementally human, than the right of a human being to be contacted by others? And in the beginning, James did of course garner support and compassion from the tiny minority who recognized and appreciated his Martyrdom and victimhood status:
For the crime of rendering Martyr James invisible for almost two years, for this crime alone, amerikkka proves it does not deserve to exist, as a society, as a government, as a structure of universal slavery for 350 million prisoners!
Let us honor James, with our words and our minds, now that we are finally “free” again, to do so. Let us share our minds with him, as our True Reality dictates, honoring his victim and Martyr status.
I have personally spent the time and effort to verify this new mailing address for James, it is the least I can do for a fellow torture victim.
Note: Your correspondence must be addressed exactly as shown below. The terrorists who control government prisons reject and discard mail, even when they know exactly who it is addressed to, on the basis of tiny mistakes such as a single digit error in the inmate number.
If you want to independently confirm this address as being valid, you can go to this page:
And type in “James Eagan Holmes” in the boxes requesting first, middle, and last name.
Mailing address:
James Eagan Holmes
Register 02350-122
USP Allenwood
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 3000
White Deer, PA 17887
For almost two years, every human on earth was prevented from contacting James, from offering him support, compassion, kindness, money to help ease the terrorism that is unjust punitive punishment. The amerikkkan government is guilty of this crime, this unforgivable act of brutality against its own created victim.
James, I wish you Self-love and personal untouchability.
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james holmes 2All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I remember “the sweetie”! Lol. And him with red hair looks like my brother in law!! Thanks for creeping me out :).

    1. Isabel Martinez has been “wiped” by the amerikkkan regime. You remember she had an initial court appearance where she was smiling and happy and winking towards the cameras:
      From this appearance, another court hearing was scheduled, But then it was cancelled. Since that cancellation, complete media silence.
      What likely has happened, is that local government officials decided it would be better to prevent her from receiving any more media attention. So, a psychiatrist examined her, decreed her to be mentally ill, and involuntarily confined her to a loony bin. Such involuntary confinement strips a citizen-slave of even MORE “rights”, than jail or prison confinement.
      The “doctors” can literally cut an individual off from all contact with the outside world, indefinitely. Only if Isabel knows the legal system, is familiar with things like the Writ of Habeas Corpus, can she even begin to try to make contact with the outside world.
      And so, for the past two months, she has been hidden from the world, subjected to unknown mind manipulations, forced drugging, etc… To break her spirit, to wipe that smile off her face, to destroy her mentally.
      This is the horrific Truth of the amerikkkan judicial system, and the Truth of what psychiatrists and psychologists working for the regime, do.

      1. Yeah, it’s pretty sad. Wouldn’t you say a divorce would’ve provided the same catharsis as murder though? Then she wouldn’t have to go to the insane asylum.

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