usa Regime Begins Propagandizing the Universal Basic Income

Just yesterday I made a brilliant post dissecting the Universal Basic Income, a new brainwashing and propaganda structure of government, gaining momentum in 2017 as the terrorist regime of Finland enacts a version of it as new law.
I predicted in My post just yesterday, that the amerikkkan media would begin covertly propagandizing in favor of this malicious deception, and would position the Universal Basic Income as being a grand reform, requiring a very long political and ideological struggle to attain. In the process, this terrorist regime will milk another 100+ years of universal slavery out of you pathetic fools.
Now, before you go any further, read this news article, published today at the CNBC website:
Now, after giving Myself a loving hug to honor the remarkable predictive powers of My brilliant mind, lets begin a Forbidden Truth analysis.
CNBC, the television network, is one of the premier media propaganda sources, advocating for the universal slavery of the money-based economy. Therefore it will take a lead role, via its television reporting, in propagandizing the “long and difficult struggle”, which will go on for the next 5-50 years, to make the Universal Basic Income a reality in amerikkka.
You can see how brilliant My mind is, by the fact I predicted yesterday that the amerikkkan media would begin “talking” about regime implementation of the UBI, and today you see it actually happening. Understand: Leaders of the amerikkkan government have officially authorized CNBC and all other empowered propaganda media entities, to disseminate the UBI to the consciousness of the general public.
Why?? Because they have already decided the UBI will become law, at some point in the future. Now is the time to start milking the proposal, to drag it out for many years, in the illusion of grand struggle social reform.
Any sane thinker, just by analyzing Finland’s UBI law, understands that it reforms nothing. The Universal Basic Income continues the use of money as a weapon of universal slavery and terrorization. It is the perfect deception for all citizen-slaves, who exist as money addicts. It offers them their addiction, increasing it, strengthening its toxic and perverse grip upon all of humanity, in the process.
Now, please go back to the CNBC article. What do you see at the top?? A huge picture of homeless, hungry, suffering citizen-slaves, on display near the curb of a busy downtown street in Washington, DC, home base of amerikkkan government. Why is this picture published together with this article??
Because homelessness, suffering, deprivation, is deployed as a terrorist weapon by the amerikkkan regime against all citizen-slaves. To instruct them: You must remain employed as slave laborers. You must. If you refuse, you will be punished with homelessness, hunger, suffering, & early death.
Below is the photo, along with the exact photo caption, taken directly from the CNBC article. Open your minds and see what is there: The cloaked propaganda and mind control of the greatest terrorist regime in existence today, in full bloom, yet invisible to you broken and destroyed citizen-slaves:
propaganda67Homeless in Washington, D.C.
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