Universal Victimization

The Forbidden Truths of Universal Victimization are extremely important for all aspiring Superiors to fully analyze, and to integrate to a core consciousness understanding of not merely personal True Reality, but to the nature of the societal matrix. So, let us briefly dissect this vital issue:
Universal Victimization is rooted within the factual reality that every human being is an equal victim of organized structures, both sentient and malicious, and non-sentient and lacking all conscious intent. Society and government, and the sub-structures they create and deploy, such as religion and parenthood, are examples of sentient and maliciously intentional instruments of universal victimization. Nature and biology are examples of non-sentient structures which cause universal victimization absent conscious intent.
Universal Victimization causes directly personal harm and trauma, this is a primary definition which must be embraced, in regard to every form and manifestation it operates within. Now, why do I emphasize so strongly the absolute equality of all individuals as victims?? I do so because this is a cloaked and rejected Forbidden Truth, specifically concealed and eradicated from the conscious awareness of all individuals, in order to allow society and government to turn Universal Victimization into a caste system of imagined winners and losers.
“Everyone suffers, but not equally”, so declares society and government, as it demands all individuals insanely accept, embrace, and rationalize their own suffering, by virtue of the deranged premise that others are suffering more, or that others will suffer more, and that you should be grateful you are not suffering more, and go out of your way to obey societal edicts which falsely claim to provide ways to allow you to avoid suffering more, and in case you are one of the billions of ego-destroyed masochists, society and government allows you to believe that you are suffering more than others, so you can enjoy this equally invalid reality construct.
Equality of suffering and victimization does not negate My right to recognize and embrace Myself as the greatest victim of the greatest injustices ever experienced by any human being in the entire histrory of the existence of the cosmic universe. Absolutely not! I fully integrate this Forbidden Truth to core consciousness as experienced reality. What Universal Victimization does, is negate the capacity of society and government to entice My acceptance of My victimhood status, via deceit, falsehood, hypocrisy, and invalid rationalization.
Let us understand that the Forbidden Truth ideology and the philosophical tenets of Universal Victimization are extremely dangerous to society and government. The embraced facts of Universal Victimization destroy the capacity of society and government to continue maliciously inflicting harm and destruction upon all humans, via the divide and conquer strategy that it has always been able to successfully deploy. Universal victimization allows all humans to recognize that the only “us versus them” war that each of us must fight, is against the organized structures which sponsor and inflict universal victimization against us.
And what of the non-sentient forms of universal victimization? The same Forbidden Truths apply. Nature and biology must be understood as our mortal enemies, we must declare war upon death and physical decay itself, and achieve the personal triumph of technological immortality of the brain.
At the very heart of this Forbidden Truth philosophy must be the integrated True Reality that we, as individuals, are not victimized by other individuals. We are not! The harm inficted upon us, all harm, every form of harm, exists on a structured and institutionalized level. When an individual harms us, he does so as a representative of the Universal Victimization he has been, is being, and will be, subjected to. This absolutely negates all guilt and responsibility from the individual, for all harm he may cause or inflict. But, even more primarily important, it directly deposits all guilt and responsibility upon society, government, nature, biology, and every other structure which harms us, be it on a sentient or non-sentient level.
Only within this Forbidden Truth embrace and understanding, can the universal right to personal vengeance, successfully merge with the universal need of every human being to claim personal vengeance, as his True Reality dictates, free of all external judgment, judicial punishment, and the perpetuation of the genocidal hypocrisy of the sponsor of all victimization, directing and controlling how victims perceive themselves and their fellow victims.
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  1. After reading your manifesto and understanding it, I came to realize that all my victimization, from childabuse, domestic violence to bullying and harassment by others was and still is by the hands of society and not the individuals who inflicted the abuse. This would be very difficult for inferiors to comprehend and accept as the truth. Humans are nothing more than robots, as they have been programmed to act and behave a certain way. So, no, they aren’t to blame; it’s like chasing a ghost

  2. Nice that you mention this: for example, African Americans truly believe that they suffer more injustices than that of Whites. When in fact, they both suffer equally. Neither groups suffers less or more

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