Universal Selfishness, Within Universal Self-love, is the Only Hope for Humanity

Clearly and obviously it is so. Universal selflessness is both an impossibility to achieve, and it is incompatible with love of Self, even if achieved. Selflessness, as Truthfully defined, is the worst of all possible personal mindsets. It is the betrayal and abdication of personal responsibility to honor and worship Yourself. Selflessness directly breaks down all other positive True Reality mindsets, rendering Self-love, egoism, egotism, narcissism, impossible to even aspire to, much less achieve.
Selfishness is the companion to Self-love. Both selfishness and Self-love are Superior, instinctually healthy, life and Truth-enhancing states of mind consciousness. Neither should ever be tempered, moderated, or limited. The more you love Yourself, the better for You! The more selfish you are in hoarding and demanding what is genuinely valuable and important and beneficial to You, the better for You!
It is important for seekers of Truth to understand that Selfishness and Self-love must be mutually maximized, together, within the Self-universe of mind, in order for beneficial results to occur. Without Self-love, selfishness is always hollow, misdirected, a betrayal of personal potential. Likewise, without selfishness, Self-love will be shallow, impossible to consistently maintain, prone to external attack and compromise.
Together, selfishness and Self-love form the foundation upon which egoism, egotism, narcissism, and every other form of positive Self-focus, can be recognized, developed, and maximized.
Now, the inferiors believe the lie of The Matrix of Universal Illusion, that a society built upon universal selfishness and universal Self-love, is an evil, diseased society, doomed to fail. Absolute bullsh*t! The exact opposite is True, and any sane and rational analysis proves this.
How could harm exist, within universal love of Self?
If every human possessed genuine, absolute, limitless, and unconditional Self-love, harm would evaporate and dissolve to non-existence. Nobody would allow themselves to be harmed, nobody would allow social, cultural, or governmental structures that inflict, support, enable, or allow harm to occur, to exist.
So now, lets bring universal selfishness into the picture. Such selfishness is literally the “glue” that binds universal Self-love together. Everybody looking out only for themselves, snuffs out all societal and cultural efforts by The Matrix, to subvert and destroy Self-love. Such selfishness makes the True version of universal Self-love possible, rather than the useless and perverse illusions of “healthy” ego and self-respect currently promoted by The Matrix.
You inferiors will argue that not everyone, not every human, is capable of achieving limitless and unconditional love of Self and selfishness. Won’t these inferiors suffer greatly within such a society?
So, lets consider this: Right now, everyone is suffering greatly, all humans, everywhere on earth, are being victimized, oppressed, abused, enslaved, and murdered. Under a cultural mandate deifying Self-love and selfishness, teaching and empowering every child, from birth, that it is their sacred obligation to their own Self-universe to develop and to maximize Self-love and selfishness, a majority would do so, and within just a few generations, universal suffering and oppression would end.
Every aspect of human existence would be positively transformed. Of course there would be a minority of children who could not develop proper levels of Self-love and selfishness. And probably they would suffer greatly and be viciously exploited, driven to suicide or madness even.
So what?? Let it be so. Within every species, there are individual members unable to live up to the baseline standard potential of the species. Most die in their youth. Accept this factual Truth.
It is utterly insane for all members of the human species to agree to be victimized, oppressed, enslaved, and destroyed, retroactively unborn, just to be able to maintain an absolutely false illusion and delusion of moral benevolence. There is nothing kind, noble, good, or just, in forcing Yourself and everyone else to suffer and to die, just so the weakest human links can themselves also suffer and die.
Stand up for Yourself, stand up for the Truth, stand up and acknowledge your own infinite value! Stand up to The Matrix of Universal Illusion, pierce it, bear witness to how and why it has chosen to destroy You, as it chooses to destroy all of mankind.
Within the brilliant light of this Alien Eye, you can see the only path forward is that of universal Self-love, and universal selfishness, maximized and deployed only for Self-benefit, even as it is universally promoted, taught, and glorified to every child and adult on planet earth.
You can save humanity, only by saving Yourself!
Boom!!!! <Another Mind Bomb successfully detonated.
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  1. SEER,, I’ve believed for a long time that individualism should be ingrained in the minds of children to minimize dependency and exploitation from others. Under this current system, most humans are needy and clingy because they lack autonomy and self-love, which puts them at a greater risk for exploitation and being victimized by fellow humans. No one seems to understand or believe that social attachments, like friendships, marriages, romantic relationships, family unit,etc. disenables one’s independene and self-love, which is essential for humans to thrive and survive. Society promotes and preaches that social engagements are a necessity and normal, and being a loner, is not. They do this to prevent narcissisism; because if humans loved and only cared about themselves, it would dismantle the universal matrix of illusions, and that is not what any society wants. It’s appalling that generation after generation have yet questioned the absurdity of these traditional beliefs as being counterproductive and anti-beneficial. Humans make me sick with their ignorance and lack of intelligence that hinders them from any progrrss. And, yet, they complain about the ills of this heinous and diabolical system that controls, dictates, and infiltrates our daily lives. No, humans don’t want to abolish this system, but reform it. Even with reformation, their lack of individualism, self-love, and autonomy remain the same, which makes it unnecessary and pointless. They just do’nt seem to get it.

    1. Excellent and insightfully True comments. Every child mind should be recognized as autonomously sacred, and this is a primary reason why parenthood must be abolished. It is virtually impossible for any biological creator of a child, or anyone given the title of mother, father, step-mother, foster mother, etc…, to genuinely respect and honor the mind autonomy of “their” child.
      Even if they “want” to do so, which is only one in a million, the social and governmental mandates of parenthood, make it impossible. Parents are told it is their responsibility and obligation to control, direct, and mold the minds of their slaves.
      A central point of all human destruction, the beginning AND the end, is childhood destruction of the mind potential of children to develop the capacity to recognize and reject The Matrix of Universal Illusion. This is achieved by caging the child mind, narrowing the borders of his reality perception. And of course parents are only one front-line attacking force. We also have education, entertainment, the reality perceptions of older children worshipped by younger children, etc…
      You are absolutely correct in outing this destruction of all child minds as being deliberate, planned, and malicious. It is an organized system, intended to destroy, and the human “normal” is completely unaware, on a conscious level, of what he is doing, of the horror he is imposing upon children, as he destroys them, because he lacks conscious awareness of his own destruction.
      This is the consequence of living within an internal and external universe where Truth is dead. It does not exist, because it cannot be perceived. An endless cycle of universal destruction, unbreakable as it is unknowable, to all except You and I, literally one out of 50 million.
      It is important that we understand just how RARE we are, those of us who have successfully pierced the Matrix, on multiple levels. And you HAVE done it. I think I have helped you a lot, but your achievement belongs to You. Many millions have not, cannot, will not even TRY to see and to know the Forbidden Truths, as you chose to try, and succeeded.
      Always remember: Truth is dead to humanity. No matter how often and how clearly and how brilliantly I reveal it, it remains dead to humanity. And therefore all we can do is glorify and honor our own Superiority, and continue to fight this hopelessly doomed war. The fight itself makes us stronger and better, even as an end result victory remains impossible.

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