Universal Child Abuse Inspires Extreme Outlaw Violence

You humans have trouble relating to “extreme” outlaw violence, such as gory serial murders of strangers and mass murder rampages at schools and churches. But I do not. I understand them perfectly, as I know and embrace Forbidden Truth.
This type of outlaw violence is directly inspired by the True facts of universal child abuse, the fact that this abuse is officially sponsored by society, the fact that society makes absolutely no genuine effort or attempt to protect any child from abuse, to prevent the abuse from occurring.
There is a very real difference between being deliberately & intentionally traumatized and victimized by society, as chosen policy, and such an experience being caused by an isolated failure of a valid system of protection within society.
Nobody is innocent. Nobody deserves to be safe from torment and death. This is the Forbidden Truth message of universal child abuse, and it is accurately understood, expressed, and reflected by the “extreme” outlaw murderer.
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  1. It’s ironic that humans can’t accept killings of strangers, whom the individual does not know, but have no problem when the killer harms or kills someone that they knew. It’s mind boggling, and humans are just completely lost. It’s like society has programmed humans into believing that one is worse than they other and that they are clear distinctions. In case of the death penalty, typically, when someone receives the death penalty, the evidence points out the killings were “acts if random” violence in which the killer did not have any relations or connections to their victims, and therefore the death penalty is a legitimate form of punishment for crimes of this nature. This sends a message to humans that there is nothing wrong with murdering those you know(blood relatives) but those who are unrelated are off limits. With that being said, when slaveowners murder their children nothing is abnormal about it, and slaveowners should be granted a reprieve because of blood relations and connectivity to the victim.

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