Uncensored ISIS Video: Muath Safi Yousef Al-Kasasbeh Burned Alive

Hello humans! I am still searching for the full, uncensored, 22 minute video of ISIS burning alive that jordanian child martyr whose name spelling seems to vary a lot, lets go with Muath al-Kaseasbeh for now. Give Me some time, and be patient. Meanwhile, here is an imcomplete but still excellent and completely uncensored version which does show the full burning itself as it occurs.
This direct link is posted in open defiance of the censorship of all western regimes as they conceal the True face and True consequences of child abuse and of the sponsorship of universal genocide against each of us, via the existence of government.
Direct link, Muath al-Kaseasbeh burned alive by children created by, victimized by, and destroyed by the child abuse sponsored and carried out by every government on earth:
Update: I have now located the completely uncensored, full 22 minute video of ISIS immolating Muath, here is the direct link. Please enjoy , as you remain oblivious to the horrors that you continue to subject yourselves and all other living things to, by choosing to exist as citizen-slaves to government:
Editor’s Note: I just had to delete the existing link because it was censored and removed from the internet, then locate a different, working link. Above is the new and working, at least for now, link. Do you see how much trouble and effort I go to, to defend and provide Truth?! I do this because I fully embrace the reality that I am at war with humanity, and that Truth must always be championed and exalted. In doing so, I champion and exalt Myself.
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