Uncensored ISIS Video: Muath al-Kaseasbeh Burned Alive

It is with pride of Self and unwavering respect for Truth that I openly defy the diseased and genocidal institution of government itself, by posting for all sentient creatures in the universe to view and to perceive as their unique True Reality dictates, this complete, 22 minute, completely uncensored version of the immolation by ISIS of a 26 year old child, Muath al-Kaseasbeh, brainwashed and terrorized by the government of jordan to serve as a hired hit man and murderer for this nation-state.
Let us clearly understand that Muath al-Kaseasbeh’s murder was not caused by ISIS, but by the institution of organized government itself. ISIS and jordan are on equal par, in terms of existing as governmental structures. Muath is dead because his government, the government of jordan, victimized him via the universal government constructs of child abuse and citizen-slavery, forcing him to serve as a murderer of complete strangers in sanctification of the insane war ritual.
What ISIS did, in burning Muath al-Kaseasbeh to death, exists as a mutual partnership with jordan, and with every other government that chooses to participate in the insane war ritual. Those humans who side with jordan, amerikkka, or any other established warmongerer, are just as much guilty of causing Muath’s murder to occur, as is ISIS.
ISIS does what all aspiring and existing governments do: Recruit humans to serve as citizen-slaves by lying to, brainwashing, and terrorizing them. Each of us should reserve our greatest hatred and contempt for the specific government which has directly imposed itself upon us, claiming us as citizen-slaves, from childhood and/or throughout the major portion of our existence. This is the mandate of Forbidden Truth, and it is why you will not find Me condemning ISIS for burning Muath al-Kaseasbeh to death.
Muath’s murder was not caused by ISIS, it was caused by your allegiance to your government. Each of you, it makes no difference if you pledge allegiance to amerikkka, finland, jordan, ISIS, or any other government structure, bear equal guilt and responsibility. Only I, a genuine anarchist who openly defies the right of all governments to exist, and condemns the institution of government itself, am freed from the guilt and responsibility each of you bear.
And so now, I present the completely uncensored 22 minute ISIS video of Muath al-Kaseasbeh being burned alive. The actual burning alive portion begins at the 17:55 minute mark, just a helpful hint to those of you too impatient to wait for the chance to view the consequences of government existing:
Editor’s Note: I just had to delete the existing link because it was censored and removed from the internet, then locate a different, working link. Above is the new and working, at least for now, link. Do you see how much trouble and effort I go to, to defend and provide Truth?! I do this because I fully embrace the reality that I am at war with humanity, and that Truth must always be championed and exalted. In doing so, I champion and exalt Myself.
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