Uncensored ISIS beheading video of Peter Kassig

Continuing My proud tradition of defying the censorship and propaganda of the warmongering amerikkkan regime, it is My pleasure to proudly post a direct link to today’s uncensored video of ISIS beheading Peter Kassig. As has been the case throughout the war between ISIS and amerikkka, the amerikkkan news media, mandated to serve the regime and obey its demands to serve as a propaganda mouthpiece, is actively and cohesively choosing to censor all ISIS beheading videos of western citizen-slaves, for no valid reason.
The beheading of Peter Kassig by ISIS is the #1 news story of the day throughout the western world, and it will be directly used by the usa regime to foment bloodlust and the mass murder of complete strangers via the insane war ritual. To consider amerikkka a free country and an open society, when every amerikkkan news media source chooses to actively censor a news story that is being used by the government to demonize a foreign group and create the illusion of justification for mass murder via war, is absurd and insane.
The amerikkkan government continues to prove it is a fascist dictatorship and has no respect for any form of freedom, in its censorship of news content as made available to its citizen-slaves.
Here is the uncensored ISIS video of Peter Kassig’s beheading by ISIS today:
And here is the full, uncensored 15 minute version of today’s ISIS video which features the beheading of Peter Kassig:
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