Uncensored ISIS Beheading of Russian Spy

Wow, things are busy on the news front. Sure wish I was not a labor slave, but rather the owner and operator of the 24 hour a day Forbidden Truth Broadcasting Network, with many millions of loyal viewers. But I am a slave laborer, so I do the best I can with the limited time and resources at my disposal.
Even as the aftermath of the fascinating San Bernardino mass murder rampage continues to unfold, we have other major news. ISIS, just a few hours ago, publicly released a brand spanking new beheading video. To be clear, it is a beheading, not a spanking, video.
As you would expect, we continue to see virtually universal censorship by the west of all ISIS videos, even the non-graphic ones, as the west continues its propaganda campaign. Censorship is a war of ideas being waged against western citizen-slaves, by their governments. It must be recognized and understood as such, by all seekers of Truth.
Censorship is the organized concealment of fact, of reality, of imagery and words and ideas, by a government. Censorship and propaganda always go together. The regime that censors, at the same time propagandizes, and does so directly addressing the same issue, the same oppositional force it has chosen to demonize.
Well, I am fighting my own little war, it is a war against censorship, and so I am pleased and proud to provide to all who might be interested, a direct link to the fully uncensored ISIS beheading video, exactly as released by ISIS earlier today.
Here are two direct links to the same video. I post them both because one does not seem to be playing as reliably as the other, and also because if one of these links is censored in the future, the other might still work. I am posting the link that is working better at this time, first:
Those of you seeking the emotional catharsis of viewing the actual beheading, are advised that it begins at the 7:10 mark on the video, and is not as gory or graphic as you might have hoped.
To all sane thinkers, you should not be terrorized by ISIS videos, or their content. Every government terrorizes its own citizen-slaves, using many different methodologies. Demonizing foreign groups and organizations as being “dangerous and terrible terrorists” is a primary method by which a government cloaks, conceals, and successfully denies the reality of the terrorism it is inflicting upon its own.
As a quasi-government, ISIS may not be your friend, but it is far less of an enemy than the government that you swear and pledge allegiance to, as a loyal citizen-slave. Observe this censored ISIS video, and the others I have so courageously published within my blog, and you may come to understand that the censorship itself, is a premier form of western propaganda.
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