Uncensored Alan Henning Beheading Video:Working Link

Yesterday I posted a link to the uncensored beheading video of Alan Henning, as released by ISIS. Today I try that link and it is dead, murdered by the censors of western government and media, but only because you pathetic citizen-slaves choose to reject, renounce, and hide from the Truth. So I had no choice but to find another link to this video and will post it here, again. This is not repetition, this is replacing what your greatest enemy, your government and society, has taken from you.
It boggles the mind that anyone living in usa or britain can consider himself free, when every single news media organization in both of these fascist dictatorships, refuses to allow you to see the uncensored ISIS beheading videos. Think about this: Something happened, an event, an event of great importance, an event being used by usa and uk governments to promote and actually carry out war, and yet these governments will not allow any media organization to show the videotaped event. It is impossible to imagine a more blatant display of pure censorship.
We are not talking about interrupting a saturday morning cartoon to play the uncensored ISIS beheading video. We are not talking about any television news broadcast playing this uncensored video, although of course every single one should do so. We are talking about the news media simply providing a link, with as much warning as it wants as to graphic content. This censorship is impossible to justify, it protects nobody. It is a slap in the face to the very concept of human rights, freedom, and personal autonomy.
And so I will now post a new, working direct link to the Alan Henning uncensored begeading video, and I will replace the disabled link in from yesterday’s post, with this same working link. I do this in the name of Truth, freedom, personal rights, and autonomous choice. I do what western journalists terrorized into serving as propaganda mouthpieces for governments, shamefully refuse to do.
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  1. I saw the video and it wasn’t that bad after all. Besides, we on the home front of American are slaughtered daily by the hands of our society. Inferiors need to grow up and demand the posting of such videos instead of running from the truth

    1. Note the calmness of all these beheading victims. A lifetime of existing within the human cult of death worship, renders their own perception of death as perfectly acceptable. I was going to die anyway, this is just a little earlier than I was expecting/hoping, this is the deranged mindset created by every society and government for its citizen-slaves. And make no mistake, even if some humans are not overtly religious in their public persona, the insane god myth has penetrated their consciousness and does dwell within those who go calmly, without direct struggle to destroy their murderers, to their deaths.
      We are all murder victims. usa and britain are far more directly responsible for causing the deaths of those beheaded by ISIS, than is ISIS. Just as ISIS is far more responsible for causing the deaths of ISIS members murdered by usa airstrikes, than is the usa. Every society must be recognized as directly responsible for and guilty of, every death of every individual it claims as citizen.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you deserve a fucking Pulitzer prize for this.
    Part of the reason I think this censorship is insane(among a lot of things) is that they don’t even show the full decapitation. You’re an expert on this kind of thing, why do you think ISIS doesn’t include that in these videos?
    >We are not talking about interrupting a saturday morning cartoon to play the uncensored ISIS beheading video.
    HAHA, you’re also pretty funny.

      1. Yes, he is. Errr, yes I am. 🙂 <The glory of ego, proudly and openly embraced. How deranged it is that society negatively judges the individual who proudly proclaims conscious embrace of his own amazeballness. <Inventing new words again, as befits the egotistical creator of a Self-universe.

    1. The perverse tragedy is that despite George Orwell, despite all of the writings done on propaganda and brainwashing, despite the widespread embrace by the public of conspiracy theories, invalid as most are, the amerikkkan public blindly and without question accepts the universal censorship of these beheading videos, is grateful to their fascist dictatorship for censoring them. This illustrates the incestuous obsession with those who are already brainwashed, to remain brainwashed. No, no, don’t expose me to the truth. Don’t compromise the universe of illusion which defines my very existence! How utterly pathetic.
      On a related note, we should all understand how the censorship of the actual beheading scene and the severed head view, is used as an excuse to censor the words of Truth being said by the beheading victim, as he lays proper blame on usa and uk regimes for causing his murder. Even if some media sources provide a written transcript of the words of the beheading victim, all of the impact inherent in actually listening to the words being spoken, is lost. And of course the beheading which immediately follows the spoken words of Truth, renders the words that much more potentially mind-awakening to viewers.
      Your question regarding why ISIS chooses to censor its own beheading videos, deserves an entire blog post, as it reveals important Forbidden Truths, so please be patient and I will answer in full, via a separate blog post, within the next 24-48 hours.
      My favorite beheading joke, the irony of suicidal ideation: An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were sentenced to beheading by guillotine. The Englishman was brought out first and as the blade fell towards his neck it got stuck. Tradition was that if this happened then they had to let him free so the Englishman was saved. Next they brought the Scotsman out and as the blade fell towards his neck the same thing happened so they had to let him free as well. As the Irishman is being brought out he is kicking and screaming and making a terrible fuss. One of that guards says to him “What’s the matter with you.” The Irishman replies, “I’m not going near that thing until you get it fixed!” 🙂

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