Two Songs of Truth

Once upon a time there was a tortured child, his mother enjoyed destroying his eyesight by deliberately pouring shampoo into his eyes while bathing him, 100’s of times. His father enjoyed forcing him to perform oral sex on him, 100’s of times. The child was strong enough to learn to hate humanity with limitless passion, and to love Himself unconditionally.
And the child knew what he was, and what he would always be. He was and would always be the king of pain. But he was not able to articulate this Self-knowledge. Pain…king….these words floated within his mind, but never to conscious awareness, and never interlinked. Then one day he heard a song, the song was titled King of Pain, and his mind articulated what he already knew.
He listened to the song over and over and over, 20 times in a single day, 200 times in a month. Because it spoke Truth. He knew he would always be the fossil, and the dead salmon, and the blue whale beached, and the butterfly trapped, and the king on a throne with his eyes torn out, and the blind man looking for a shadow of doubt, and the skeleton choking, and the red fox torn, and the black-winged gull with a broken back. Yes, he knew all this, because the song spoke Truth:
The song empowered the child to new heights of love and hate, appropriately directed, and the child’s mind grew powerful, he murdered god and he gave birth to a new version of Himself, and he knew he would successfully transcend his humanity.
Time passed, yes, time passed, and the child aged, and within his heavily fortified mind fortress the child knew that time would never heal him. The child knew he would always be a victimized creation. He even was able to consciously articulate the philosophical concept, “time does not heal”. And yet the concept was not solidified to concrete. It was consciously acknowledged as factual reality, yet it remained fuzzy insofar as fully integrating to his mind universe.
Then, one day, approximately three years after he first heard the King of Pain song, three years during which he listened to that song thousands of times, he heard another song. The song was titled, yes it was: “Time Does Not Heal.” And the child knew, the first time he heard this song, that it expressed the Truth of his entire life path. He knew time would never heal, and that the externalized rage and hate of both the instrumentals and vocalized lyrics of this song deserved an honored place within his universe.
And so The King of Pain listened to this song thousands of times, and The King of Pain integrated to core consciousness the Truth that Time Does Not Heal. Listen to this song, a universal anthem of rage and hate inspired by the universal childabuse that humanity as a whole chooses to commit against each and every one of its children:
And time has passed, many years of time, as measured by you humans, and many things have happened, but nothing has changed. The Truth that I embraced all those years ago, is the Truth that I embrace today. Truth does not change, and time does not heal. And that is why you are reading this blog post, as I listened to these two songs once again, today.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The family unit is abuse. Marrying is a way to dominate someone else. The babies and children are innocent. What of the man who chooses to make a wife a slave and teach his daughters to injure more children?

    1. Universal abuse of all individual human beings is a public policy mandate of every human society, culture, and government. The family unit is simply a premier and primary method by which this universal abuse is achieved, and cloaked from the active, conscious awareness of most citizen-slaves. Marriage is a way for slaves to gain the delusion and illusion of freedom by imposing their dominance upon a singular individual. In doing so, they gain capacity to reject the Forbidden Truths of universal slavery.

      Every child is functionally destroyed as public policy mandate. It doesn’t matter which individuals carry out this destruction. For society, it is beneficial to have the greatest degrees of such destruction originate within the Sacred Family Unit, because society has so successfully positioned the family unit as being sacred and unquestionably valid. Thus every behavioral doctrine embraced as majority by the Sacred Family Unit always stands unchallenged, unrecognizable as abuse even as it results in the genocidal destruction of all children.

  2. I refuse to believe an adult who was abused has to abuse a child. Teaching children to blindly and absolutely respect their elders in a family with abuse IS abuse. I love the thought of getting on your knees and weeping with your child. Remorse. Amends.

    1. Entitlement is not obligation. Any and every victim of external harm, socially, culturally, and governmentally sponsored and promoted, has earned a Sacred Right of Reflection. He therefore possesses an entitlement, but not an obligation, to reflect his victimization upon others in whatever manner his True Reality allows/dictates.

      The family unit IS abuse. Period. The family unit is the foundation upon which all child abuse is legitimized, promoted, legalized, by every society, culture, and government on planet earth today and throughout all of human history.

      Every personal reflection to childhood victimization is equally valid.

  3. Your insight on child abuse is amazing. Did you ever think to get a formal education and share this with the world in a manner that is easier for folks to hear? You could’ve saved so many children from this cycle of pain. Your parents were bad. Not all of humanity is bad. The shame of your father’s actions is not yours to carry. The shame is his. Is your rage based on shame? I imagine your pain share would’ve been cut in half. Childhood drama does get better – as a sufferer myself. I’m to strong to let anyone have that power over me.

    1. Yes, I am amazing within the perfection of the Self-universe I have realized and actualized.

      No, I do not care for humanity or any humans. I am a misanthrope. I create my Zines, essays, Manifesetos, blogs, videos, to honor, exalt, and reflect both Truth and Self. There is no interest in educating, helping, or saving any human from anything. My life path choices are all based upon Truth.

      Reflect your True Reality as you perceive to be valid. But your inferior opinions and suggestions as to what others should do, prove your incapacity to recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truth. An incapacity that afflicts all of humanity as a collective whole.

  4. Leaves me grief stricken for you. But I would tell you there is life despite the pain. I say that as an abuse survivor, myself. We carry the scars, and go on anyway. There are those who would love and value you, even if you haven’t found them yet. May you find peace.

    1. First of all, humans weren’t meant to love others, only themselves. That’s the problem with humanity is that they are programmed and conditioned to look outward instead of inward. That explains why people snap and are consumed with rage, because they ignore their own needs and focus on others

    2. Also, it’s like you have accepted your abuse as being okay, and that whoever your abuser was, actions should be overlooked because religion says one should forgive them. That’s why the cycle of child abuse repeats itself because people like you don’t want to accept the forbidden truths behind it

      1. Religion was invented by government in order to convince as many citizen-slaves as possible that they need to suffer, that suffering is a good thing and will be rewarded.
        Forgiveness is a diseased and perverse concept that legitimizes every atrocity, worst of all, the atrocities that torture victims who have been inspired to hate themselves, choose to inflict upon themselves.

    3. Sympathy towards others is not useful, either to the sympathizer or to the object of sympathy. We are all victims of abuse. Nobody survives. The most you can do is face up to the Truth of what you are, and embrace your victimhood status. Those who desire and accept offers of emotional enmeshment from others, betray their own potential to meet their needs within the glory of Self-love.

      1. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. In despite my childabuse, I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for because that will only bring self-pity and make one weaker than what they already are. I want to faux sympathy from inferiors. They are in no position to offer and give advice. They are lost

        1. Well stated. Directed expressions of sympathy from the individual are not only functionally useless to the mindful Superior, but are supremely hypocritical on the part of the claimed sympathizer, who most likely lives as member of, therefore directly supports and props up, the social structures that caused our victimization, and continue to cause the universal abuse of all children. So, the human is expressing regret and sympathy over your suffering, even as he refuses to accept his own personal guilt and responsibility in directly causing it.
          Many humans offer sympathy and empathy towards others, as a way to deny their own guilt and responsibility, creating for themselves the illusion of moral decency, and also as a way to create distance from their own consciously realized trauma. In directing sympathy towards others, the inferior denies or minimizes sympathy towards himself, rejecting his victimhood status, which directly causes universal child abuse to flourish.

  5. I am very saddened to read what took place during your younger years, what should have been the beginning of a great life. I have not endured what you have, and feel that I can’t even address it in any meaningful way. I do believe in the power of resurrection, and that it operates in this world. Life from death, healing from pain, sunrise after sunset. I guess you don’t believe in this, which is understandable, so I’ll just say that you will be in my thoughts. Peace.

    1. You are obviously missing the point here, and your comment goes against what this blog is all about. Your comments would reign very well with religious followers, but not forbidden truth seekers

    2. You aren’t a victim of child abuse? Really, I seriously doubt it. All adults on the planet earth are victims of child abuse whether they believe it or not. It’s apparent you have not accepted the forbidden truths and live in the matrix of things. If that’s the case, you live your life by illusions and you won’t see beyond it

    3. We are all victims, we have all suffered abuse, trauma, harm, and injustice, and not by accident, but as deliberate reflections of the victimization of others. We should all focus on our own victimization, instead of passing it off as less than what others have endured. My suffering is mine, and as such it is the greatest in the history of the universe, to Me. Just as your suffering deserves the same honored understanding of conscious mind, because you were the victim. We should all reserve our greatest sympathy and empathy for ourselves. Only in doing so, can we be inspired to destroy the structures which sponsor universal child abuse.
      No, I don’t believe in anything. My mind is strong enough to refuse to seek comfort in the toxic illusions of afterlife mythology. I know exactly what death is, and this allows Me to love and value Myself, something that all belief systems sabotage and destroy.
      Thanks for the peaceful thoughts.

  6. I agree with you on this one. Time does not heal the traumas of child abuse; it is something that remains in one’s memory and has an impact on how they think and feel for the rest of their lives. We are conditioned to believe that time heals all wounds, but that is a lie. Instead of humanity accepting this as true, they sweep it under the rug and do everything possible to try and forget it. That’s why child abuse continues to happen because humans don’t want to face the truth. Each and every day there are children who are being slaughtered mercilessly, and humans turn a blind eye. For some odd reason, inferiors believe that child abuse isn’t a repetitive cycle and it can stop if one chooses to break the cycle. Well, it isn’t that simple, and child abuse is a conditioned behavior that is almost always a automatic response.
    Adults who were sexually abused as children only do what has been done to them to children without even realizing the severe consequences of their behaviors. It’s not that these adults who were abused as children don’t know that it is a violation, they simply have no control. I also was sexually abused as a child by my aunt’s husband. This abuse went on for years, and as an adult, I revealed it to my family, but there was really no support from them. Instead, they stated that I should have told them about the abuse when I was a child. Are you kidding me, seriously, really? I was told by my abuser not to tell anyone and I did just that. Sad to say, my abuser was a school teacher and a minister, so that would have strengthened his character more so than mine. Children are taught and conditioned to obey adults, and if they tell them to do or not do something, they will.
    Speaking of the Family tree in which you mention in your manifesto, there are so many extended family members who have access to children, and adults trust their children to be in the company of these individuals with no concerns about the harm they may inflict on them. It appears that in every family someone was sexually abused and most of these incidents go unreported, and the perp is never punished, like mine. Society silence the victim to remain quiet about these abuses and will blame them if they speak about them. Isn’t it tragic that children have to be in situations of this nature having no one to stand up for them? These children go through a living hell, and society does nothing to neutralize these abuses. And yet humans don’t understand why adults who commit rape and serial murders do what they do. I know and you know why, but the masses remain in the dark about something so obvious and clear. As the saying goes…”everyone has a story to tell”, and no one on this planet earth has and never will go unscathed from child abuse or traumatic experiences

    1. Child abuse is the foundational root and cause of every human mistake, throughout all of human history. Humanity exists as tortured ex-children, destroying all children. This cycle endlessly repeats, it is the only way that every existing adult generation can cope with the horror of what it has collectively and universally experienced, without facing up to the Forbidden Truths of childabuse.
      Your experience as a tortured child-victim of abuse, is universally shared by all adults. only the specific forms of abuse vary. The universal status of all adults as traumatized victims of child abuse, is one of the Forbidden Truths humanity can never face up to. The difference between you and the others, is your capacity of mind to face up to theTruth of your own victimization, coupled with your insight into the True nature of universal childabuse as sponsored, promoted, encouraged, and legitimized by every society and government.
      Children exist to be harmed, to be used as Poison Containers, to make adults, traumatized ex-child victims, feel better about themselves. As you know, I do not promote the ideas of others, and I fully disagree with many of Dr. Lloyd deMause’s conclusions, but he hits the nail on the head in this essay:
      When he declares: Begin quote: “Indeed, my conclusion from a lifetime of psychohistorical study of childhood and society is that the history of humanity is founded upon the abuse of children. Just as family therapists today find that child abuse often functions to hold families together as a way of solving their emotional problems, so, too, the routine assault of children has been society’s most effective way of maintaining its collective emotional homeostasis. Most historical families once practiced infanticide, erotic beating and incest. Most states sacrificed and mutilated their children to relieve the guilt of adults. Even today, we continue to arrange the daily killing, maiming, molestation and starvation of children through our social, military and economic activities. I would like to summarize here some of the evidence I have found as to why child abuse has been humanity’s most powerful and most successful ritual, why it has been the cause of war and social violence, and why the eradication of child abuse and neglect is the most important social task we face today.
      The main psychological mechanism that operates in all child abuse involves using children as what I have termed poison containers–receptacles into which adults project disowned parts of their psyches, so they can control these feelings in another body without danger to themselves. In good parenting, the child uses the caretaker as a poison container, much as it earlier used the mother’s placenta as a poison container for cleansing its polluted blood. A good mother reacts with calming actions to the cries of a baby and helps it “detoxify² its dangerous emotions. But when an immature mother’s baby cries, she cannot stand the screaming, and strikes out at the child. As one battering mother put it, “I have never felt loved all my life. When the baby was born, I thought he would love me. When he cried, it meant he didn’t love me. So I hit him.² Rather than the child being able to use the parent to detoxify its fears and anger, the parent instead injects his or her bad feelings into the child and uses it to cleanse his or herself of depression and anger.” End quote.

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