Two More Live-Streamed Suicides Censored by amerikkkan Regime

Many of you know that 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis live-streamed over the internet her suicide by hanging, a few weeks ago. You know this only because the Matrix of Universal Illusion failed to completely succeed in censoring the actual video recording of her Self-murder, made by this tortured victim-creation of your society.
But far fewer of you know that two more live-streamed suicides have occurred in recent days. In Florida, 14 year old Nakia Venant live-streamed her suicide for two hours on Facebook Live. Martyr Nakia hung herself with a noose placed over the bathroom door at the house where she was being kept prisoner and slave.
In California, 33 year old victim and Martyr Frederick Jay Bowdy also live-streamed his suicide on Facebook Live. He shot himself in the head while broadcasting his live-stream.
Here you see successful censorship by the amerikkkan regime.
Facebook, owned and controlled by the amerikkkan government, deleted both of these live-streams, for no valid reason. The mainstream national media refuses to report on either of these live-streamed suicides. And as far as I can find, the videos have not been successfully saved and posted online.
Victory for the Matrix! Its tortured children give their very lives to try to lay a little Truth upon the universe, and their deliberate effort, their desire to show the world the Forbidden Truth of their victimization and murder at the hands of society, is denied them, even in death.
Here you see the limitless evil of 21st century amerikkkan government. Posing as the most civilized and humane, while in Truth driving every citizen-slave to Self-hated, Self-harm, and Self-murder. Only the expressions of torment by the victim, vary.
If anyone can locate either of these uncensored live-stream suicides, please post or email link to Me. Do not allow these voices to be rendered forever invisible!
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  1. This is a clear reflection of what the greatest enemy to mankind and Self the ”government” does to every helpless child slave born into the matrix of society on a daily basis.

    1. Yes, it is. And look at the human response: Nothing. The tiny handful who find the courage to stand up and publicly, openly, by their impossible to completely ignore actions, reveal the reality of their soul murder, are marginalized, censored, left to dangle as a freak show exhibit for a day or two, then shoved back to the obscurity of eternal namelessness and voicelessness, as the society goes back to relentlessly promoting its matrix of universal illusions, leaving the billions of other children, not yet physically dead, to continue to wither away in their relentless, daily destruction.

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