True Face of Parenthood: Georgia Mom Cooks 2 Child-slaves, Sends Dad Video

I haven’t been in a communicative mood lately, as the hopelessness of humanity, and therefore the uselessness of all direct Forbidden Truth interaction in terms of saving Me from your chosen fate, takes center stage within my True Reality. But this item is just too good to pass up. The illumination of Forbidden Truth shines so brightly, it would literally be a crime not to share it with the universe.
A few days ago, 24 year old Lamora Williams. lifelong victim and tortured creation of amerikkkan society and government, decided to play her mom card. Every 21st century society and government deploys every child on earth as a Poison Container: An animated object upon which mothers and fathers, are instructed to insert and reflect all of their rage and hate and terror and frustration and homicidal ideation. An animated object to destroy, to neuter, to castrate, body, mind, and soul, as their True Reality dictates.
Lamora listened, and obeyed, she did as instructed.
Mommy Lamora, an ancestor of recognized amerikkkan slavery, denied the right to perceive herself as a current slave, harvested her two child-slaves, aged 1 and 2, by cooking them inside of an oven inside of her prison residence. She cooked them to death, then contacted the father, the man she allowed to voluntarily rape her, via video chat and showed him the burned, cooked, dead bodies of her 1 and 2 year old child-slaves.
Read about it here:
Thank you Lamora, for being Miss America. None of you humans will see and know it, but there is nothing bizarre, unique, unusual in this incident. Nothing. Every mother destroys their child(ren), only the methods vary.
There is such beauty in this incident, but you are blind to it all.
The beauty can be found within the Forbidden Truths of motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood, the interpersonal relationship, mental health, and so much more, as I have so brilliantly articulated in My Manifesto and other texts dating back decades.
Motherhood is a perverse, archaic, barbaric construct that should not exist, something impossible to justify today, as it has been for many hundreds of years. There is no excuse, no reason, for motherhood to exist, except to ensure a seamless pattern of universal destruction of all human potential.
In this incident we have all the primary level Forbidden Truths of how and why humanity is hopelessly doomed, fully exposed. A species feigning horror and disgust over something it chooses to sponsor, enable, facilitate, cause. A species pretending to care about the welfare of children, as it proactively chooses to ensure every child is destroyed. A species claiming to be sane, as it functions within pure insanity.
Destroyed children given children to destroy, told and instructed to destroy them. But not via oven cooking, the oven cooker is singled out as bad and sick, while all the billions who destroy their child-slaves in legally and morally promoted ways, are praised and thanked and rewarded for serving as mommies and daddies.
The universality of human mental illness denied, via singling out Lamora, labeling her mentally ill, for doing nothing more than revealing the factual reality of universal child abuse and destruction as sponsored by every human society and government today.
Broken and destroyed children, addicted to sexual and emotional slavery with each other, given helpless and innocent newborn life and told to destroy it, as they were and are destroyed. This is the factual reality of what parenthood is: A perversion of human consciousness.
And so I stand alone before the universe, giving thanks to Lamora Williams for using her oven to tell the world the Truth, as I have, and do.
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    1. The media likes to single out specific cases of child abuse, to cover up the Forbidden Truth that ALL children are subjected to brutal, severe, unrelenting, and highly destructive abuse, the vast majority of which is decreed perfectly legal and never even considered to constitute child abuse.
      Read these essays to gain a broad understanding of what child abuse is, and how it is a universal act of destruction, targeting and impacting every single child born on planet earth in the modern era:

    1. I like how you worded your comment. It seems to imply that you understand the Forbidden Truth that no mother is ever the problem, in the universal phenomenon of socially sponsored familial child abuse.
      The problem is the artificial, perverse, and invalid social construct of motherhood. The only way to address the problem of universal child abuse, is to recognize motherhood itself to be a failed social experiment, now being overtly deployed by every society and government for the specific purpose of destroying the potential of every child to thrive.
      The only way to try to prevent child abuse, is to end motherhood itself, as I comprehensively detail within My texts.
      Consciously embracing this primary-level Forbidden Truth, is a major step forward within the process of becoming a mind capable of grasping Forbidden Truth as a whole.

      1. The institution of motherhood makes most mothers resent their children. Even if it’s subconscious, they resent the fact that they were forced into this role, and that resentment inevitably gets directed at the children.

        1. Your singular insight is correct, but the motivational and structural forces behind universal and familial child abuse are much more complex and profound.
          Parents use children as Poison Containers. The child slavery that is parenthood, is used by society and government to mask the universal slavery that all adults are subjected to. And Universal Child Abuse, most especially with the Sacred Family Unit, is overtly promoted and maintained by every society and government to provide a safe release for the rage and hate and terror of all adults, as well as to ensure that the potential of every new generation to perceive and rebel against The Matrix of Universal Illusion is successfully snuffed out.
          Read My Manifesto and blog essays to gain a broader understanding of what is at work here, behind all maternal and familial child abuse.

    1. You only need to ask this question because the social perversion that is parenthood, exists. You humans choose to make this world as it is, to destroy the sacred potential of every child to thrive and to develop within singular freedom from the Sacred Family Unit.
      If your question is sincere, read:

      1. SEER, my profile screen name is very identical to the profiler (anonymous) whom you are responding to in this essay, but it’s not me. Sorry.

  1. What humans fail to realize, is that most parents either don’t want to be parents, or get tired of playing the role as a parent. Individuals like Lamora wanted out of it;but “brain-dead” humans around her, were unable to comprehend the idiocy of parenting. However, if humans embraced the forbidden truth, tragedies like this would not exist. Children are “Sacrificial lambs”. I wonder what the black community has to say about this. Are they blaming white supremacy? Of course they are, but not parenthood, which is the forbidden truths.

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