Towards A Forbidden Truth Understanding Of Justice

Definitional brainwashing permeates every aspect of human existence. Words are transformed to ideas, and ideas to ideologies, and ideologies to social structures, and none of it makes any sense, none of it has any basis in Truth. Because of definitional brainwashing, a weapon deployed by every society and government against you, and against Truth.
Look at justice. What is justice?? Is it the prevention of injustice?? Or is it the commission of injustice in response to past injustice, given the name of “justice” so that victims of injustice are deluded to believe they are attaining justice?? Among 21st century humanity, it is the latter.
If you are sane, and free of the Matrix of Universal Illusion, you know what justice is: The prevention of injustice. This is the only valid definition of justice, this is the only way justice can be achieved.
If injustice occurs, any type of injustice, then justice is lost. It cannot be regained once it is lost.
Attempting to achieve justice, in response to any and every act or circumstance of injustice, can and will only perpetuate and increase the existing injustice. The harmful impacts of an existing injustice can sometimes be mitigated, but justice can never be attained and must never be attempted.
Those who proactively commit unjust acts, causing injustice to occur, do so as victims of injustice. Any attempt to attain justice for any victim of injustice, will increase the degree and severity of injustice for the original victim, thereby insuring universal injustice for all involved parties.
To be clear, every human society and government in the 21st century has a public policy mandate of universal injustice for all. They commit atrocities against every child, promote the commission of atrocities to all adults, then selectively apply deranged moral & legal judgements of what is just and what is unjust, to create & maintain an illusion of morality where none exists.
So, if you are against injustice, it is your mandate to try to prevent all injustice, as you choose to define it, from occurring. Concurrently, if you fail to prevent an injustice from occurring, it is impossible to obtain justice for anyone, or for any group, that you perceive to be a victimized party, and you must not try. Any attempt to attain justice in response to an occurred injustice, only deepens and increases the injustice, making you guilty of directly causing this further injustice.
Within this Forbidden Truth understanding, all 21st century judicial systems must be completely abolished, because they were created and they function upon the fatally flawed, definitional brainwashing delusion, that justice must be sought and attained for victims of injustice.
Further, any and every attempt to punish an individual or group for any perceived act of injustice, not just via the judicial system, but in any manner, must be recognized as impossible to justify, and betraying Truth.
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