Towards a Better Forbidden Truth Understanding of the Internet

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In order to know what something does to You as a potential aspiring Superior, and to all the other billions of inferior and garbage-minded humans-borns, it is vital that one understands what something is. To successfully perform such an analysis requires a sharply honed Alien Eye and complete rejection/transcendence of your humanity, a feat that the vast majority of all humans are of course incapable of even contemplating.
Let us dissect, briefly, how such a dissection is performed by the top-level Superior such as Myself, using the internet as an example. What is the internet?? This question must be answered first, and only then is it possible for the Superior thinker to successfully analyze and understand what the internet does to each of us, the extent of the horror of this 21st century social and governmental weapon of mass destruction.
So here we go: The internet is a foundational root of The Matrix of Universal Illusion. 20 years ago it was not. Even 10 years ago, these roots were still maturing, developing, and strengthening. Each and every day, for the past 20 years, the internet has become more densely woven into The Matrix of Universal Illusion. And now we have reached the point of no return, the point where all separation is lost. The internet now functions in coordinated lockstep with The Matrix. It serves only and absolutely, the doctrine and the directional paths of the existing hive mind of human society and government, collectively merged on a worldwide scale.
Within the first world, the internet is currently the premier and most effective propaganda pipeline directly deployed by human societies and governments to destroy all human potential to recognize and embrace Truth. Every existing stupidity, inferiority, and failure of human mind consciousness is uplifted. legitimized, popularized, rendered normal and good and right and unquestionable, by the internet. The very fact that it offers a better illusion and delusion of free speech and individual participation than newspapers, radio stations, and television stations, has helped the internet to quickly and easily rise to the top. In exactly the same fashion as newspapers, radio, and television stations, third party fascism and mind control is deployed by government, via the insertion of corporate monopoly.
The government decides which corporations it can control as puppets, bribes corporate leaders with the promise of great wealth, then hijacks the content to specifically enhance and strengthen every diseased and deranged human pathology of mind. Just as CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN, were the premier television propaganda pipelines for the amerikkkan regime in the 1950’s-2010 era, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, TMZ, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, are the premier internet propaganda pipelines of 2018, and will remain so for decades going forward.
Every first world society and government has already developed a system of universal mind control for the citizen-slaves it claims ownership of, specifically deploying third party corporations that create and disseminate internet content. And every third world society and government is currently at work, in the middle of such development.
The internet is a singular media entity, mandated to serve a singular purpose within human society and culture. There is no freedom of content creation or dissemination, there is only a better illusion and deception of such freedom, than newspapers, radio stations, or television stations, were/are able to provide. The lie of decentralization is the key component of how 21st century society and government is currently able to maintain the universal lie of internet freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of content. The newspaper, the magazine, the radio station, the television station, each of these things exists as a singular entity: A media source that legitimizes the status quo and controls human reality perception going forward, exactly and specifically as authorized by government. And this is exactly, absolutely, and solely what the internet, in totality, is: A media source that legitimizes the status quo and controls human reality perception going forward, exactly and specifically as authorized by government. 
The internet is hopelessly infested by hopelessly broken inferiors and human garbage. Just as every other human gathering point has functioned throughout the modern era of human existence, the most popular and common and socially accepted ideas and reality perceptions are fetishized and idolized by the Unwashed Masses of adult humans who have been successfully brainwashed and propagandized and are totally unaware of their slave mind status, on any level of consciousness. And so the internet is a cage, a mind trap that simply grows and expands to accommodate every new victim who stumbles in, pretending to seek freedom and enlightenment, unable to perceive his own existing mind cages.
The internet is a place where brilliant and radical ideas and philosophies go to die and to be buried forever. It is the new graveyard for radicalism. Before, you would be lynched by an enraged mob of hopelessly broken human garbage, or thrown into a lunatic asylum by hired thugs working for the government in the disguise of  “mental health professionals”. Which still happens, of course. But now things are sometimes so much more civilized: Just lock up the ideas themselves, on some obscure website or social network account that is barred from receiving any media attention. Murder and bury the ideas themselves, and if anyone confronts you, just point to the existence of the website as proof that free speech and freedom of expression thrive on the internet. The decreed lunatic is not lynched, he remains free to spout his insanities, as long as everyone remains successfully propagandized to consider his brilliant ideas to be the ravings of a madman.
The internet is highly addictive. The goal of every society and government is to enslave the mind consciousness of every human-born, by imposing an endless series of crippling addictions of mind. From caffeine to alcohol to money to the family unit to sports to patriotism, lifelong rituals must be imprinted upon the human brain, to compel every individual to pathologically repeat and replay the same insanities over and over and over. Addiction is the false belief that something is important to you, that you need it, that it is worthy of your time and focus and attention. From the very beginning the internet was consciously developed to serve as a new and modern addiction: A vast new realm of limitless freedom, to individually explore and to develop, that was the sales pitch. And the end, still evolving result: Hundreds of millions of humans hopelessly enslaved to this freedom illusion, mind-compelled to waste countless thousands of hours of their imaginary existence, pretending to be free in the cage of cyberspace.
The internet is a premier freedom illusion. It is the same as driving a car, you idiots! You are “free” to go wherever you want, but wherever you go you remain caged, controlled, under the terrorist dominion of governmental slavery. You can choose your car, from a toyota to a mercedes, but you must obey the demands of your slavemasters: Stop at the red light, stay under the speed limit, yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk, go with the traffic flow, not against it… The internet is the most perfect form of universal slavery that humanity has developed thus far, specifically because it cloaks itself, hides what it is, better than any other freedom illusion.
The internet is an artificial mindscape carefully sculpted to deify the social trance. Progress, change, evolution, new ideas, open minds, this is what the 21st century generation of citizen-slaves pretend to seek and to crave. Even more so than previous generations, they must convince themselves, delude themselves to believe, this is what they want, this is what they are fighting for, this is what they are achieving. And it is all a lie. You humans don’t actually want any of that, you are terrified by it. And so the internet is your safe haven, your refuge. The internet is where you can safely pretend to be changing the world for the better, even as you drive every last nail into the coffin of yourselves and your species, continuing to devolve to extinction. This dead place is where you are most able to maintain your illusion of being alive.
Just like the church imprisoned the minds of your parents and grandparents, the internet imprisons your mind, today. And of course you are blind and oblivious to this, as well as to all other, Forbidden Truths. And so you update your status on facebook, you post your new selfie on instagram, you write your new blog post, and eagerly await the likes and comments. You are a creator, uniquely you as you march with the others, the thousands, the millions of others, trapped within the social trance of moving forward, even as you ensure that nothing ever changes, you as a consciousness compressed to fit into a bunch of tiny cyberspace cages kept shiny and inviting by your slavemasters. All roads on the internet lead you to the exact same destination:
The internet is an offensive weapon deployed by all governments and societies to control, dominate, manipulate, and dictate how every human being perceives his own personal universe, as well as the external universe in which he is compelled to function, both in real-time and in reality perception going forward. Whatever is able to control what you think about, is also able to control how you think about what you think about. Self-perception and external reality perception are inextricably linked, and it is within the capacity to control the combination of both, that the internet excels as offensive weapon.
The internet not only allows you to construct fictionalized versions of Yourself, but overtly instructs, promotes, and rewards you for doing so, in the process strengthening the universal illusion that in the “real world”, after you exit the internet, you are not wearing an Acting Mask, not pathologically constructing fictionalized versions of Yourself, not living out the perverse and toxic fictions that have been imposed upon you as realities since the moment of your biological conception by The Matrix of Universal Illusion. But of course that is exactly what you are doing, blind fools! When you cannot perceive the Truth about Yourself, you cannot even begin to imagine attempting to perceive top-level Forbidden Truths about the world, the society, the culture, the government holding you as a terrorized hostage, and systematically destroying you.
The internet is a waste of time. Nothing you or I do on the internet can alter our fate. Nothing we do can inspire any legitimate change. It is impossible for us, as individuals, to shift the axis of human consciousness in any manner. I include the term “we”, even though I am a Superior and the vast majority of you are hopelessly broken pieces of human garbage, in order to make clear the fact that the internet is owned and controlled by The Matrix of Universal Illusion. It cannot be successfully subverted beyond the individual changing of individual minds, which is completely useless in terms of impacting the hive mind itself.
Now we know what the internet is. And within this understanding, we can clearly decipher what the internet does. In fact, I have already articulated these impacts within my above dissections of what the internet is. The internet is a destroyer of all human potential, collectively. And it is functionally useless in terms of awakening humans to the Forbidden Truths. The internet traps and cages human minds, it serves as the ultimate trap for now, even as new terrorist technologies of government, such as virtual reality, loom in the horizon and are already being built up to work in conjunction with and independent of the internet.
So, why am I on the internet?? Why have I spent 20+ years typing words on a keyboard and launching them into the eternal void of cyberspace, a toxic space owned and controlled by my greatest enemy and mind, body, and soul murderer, the government?? Because everything we do is a waste of time. I am hopelessly doomed by YOU pathetic creatures, your perverse inferiority, collectively, no matter what I do, or do not do. And so I do “this”, now. Just as I scrawled graffiti in 1984, and published print magazines in 1989-1991.
Everything I do, everything I have ever done and will ever do, is to honor and make love to Myself, and by proxy, honor and make love to the Truth. My victory, my triumph in the real-time, ongoing moment of Now, is to know that I am hopelessly doomed, and to know why it is so, and to have the wisdom and courage to hate, HATE, HATE you and the world you have chosen to build and to maintain, within the collective failure of yourselves as individuals and as a species.
And so here it is, another internet essay of Forbidden Truth brilliance, perfection known and revealed within the Self-universe that is Me, lovingly created by Me, delivered within the purity of limitless homicidal hatred, cast adrift to die and to be buried by you, within the new graveyard of the 21st century, the internet.

internet graveyard 07All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Discussion is the chemical process of thoughts, the alchemy of producing Noble Thoughts.Cant stop discussing, I beg your pardon. Accepting you are free not to reply and happy that atleast I came across someone so gifted for discussion.
    ” Bowing to Me is illogical”
    Its not about logic , its one of many simple response sets you produce when you observe various phenomenon in your environment. And observing someone possessing unique analysis of environment against the sea of so manys who more seems like walking and moving parcels of meat controlled by some form of electronic conditioning , its the response of wonder and the best learned response in language and action is BOWING DOWN to convey that feedback to the speaker .

    1. @Devs Logic is important. To think logically is a gateway to acting logically. And logic is a prime component of both the attainment of mental health as it must be Truthfully defined, and the recognition of many important Truths.
      I know how brilliant I am. My ego is immense and untouchable. It does not benefit from the token gestures of isolated and stray human-borns. Your appreciation of Truth, assuming it is sincere, pleases and impresses Me. So, if you bow to Me, I will only take it, at best, as you bowing down to the Truth, in respect and in love.
      No matter how brilliant and Superior I am, bowing down to Me as an individual is not the act of a Superior. It is a gesture of Self-humiliation, shaming the Self-universe. Do as thou wilt, but you will not receive gratitude or praise from Me, for any action I judge as being or implying negation of Self-worth.

      1. You may be right and i can only hope to understand this law as I mature.
        Just a reflection about ” self humiliation ” Observing my BLIND will to live against an environment which is not under my control nor free from control and I can assume that its the same for many others,
        self humiliation against the irrational and NON mutual benefiting rules and regulations, codified as laws enforced by police and judiciary and Unwritten still enforced by the continuous conditioning of people is the first adjustment that I do living among other people in groups.

  2. I cant do nothing other agreeing to the point of crying when i hear words from someone I can only imagine as at least 100 times more rational, logical, insighted and above all beyond the blind urge to make money out of just any mental and wordistic crap you can imagine. you just write a whole book on the same musings and notes I make here and there …
    I hesitate in forwarding my doubts but if i esteem you to be an honest person, i cant resist bowing down at your feet to resolve some ogf my doubts …
    no question Internet is everything and beyond what you describe, still…
    if its not for Internet, how can I be radiated by your UV radiation that somehow awaken part of my thinking system which would otherwise have gone dead along with my physical death?
    And how does leaks exist ? Why do you exist on the internet if nothing is tolerated which doesnt comply with the official version of whats worth publishing and worth stating on the internet ?
    Thwere are many people I happen to hear and read on the internet who are so blatant about the processes and effects of Dinosaur organizations doing business of exploitation without sound or even simple business principles , like on UN, on Agenda 21, on banking and Pharmaceutical Co.’s control over the markets and the legislations ..
    Just wonder why this content exist on the internet ?

    1. @Devs I worship Myself at the alter of Truth, that is all and exactly what I do in everything that I write, publicly and privately, and everything that I think and develop as realizations of mind.
      Bowing to Me is illogical. Bow to the Truth that I manifest as a Superior mind. In doing so you can be inspired to honor Yourself within such Truth, to consciously realize your own infinite value to Yourself as a contained universe under universal attack from humanity itself.
      30 years ago I might have been standing on the corner of a busy downtown city street, screaming out these Truths, until the terrorist goons of government seized Me to cage and destroy what I represent.
      The internet is just another freedom illusion conjured up by The Matrix, serving government, a structure that mandates universal slavery for all, by its very existence.
      I am useful to The Matrix because My existence here strengthens the illusion of freedom that slavemasters know must be vigilantly maintained and always delivered in new and innovative ways. Just like the car strengthened this illusion in the 1920’s, and the airplane in the 1950’s, and television in the 1930’s and 40’s. I am allowed to exist here because I am harmless. I am harmless because Forbidden Truth is dead to humanity, now and forever. Not even the most precious or brilliant of Truths possesses any value, if it is beyond the capacity of the Unwashed Masses to fathom, much less to consciously accept and embrace.
      The problem with much of the “radical” content allowed and even encouraged online, is that it fails to cut to the heart of Forbidden Truth, as I do within My uniquely brilliant texts. government and The Matrix revel in these misdirections of human focus, as I reveal within many of my texts, including the one I just published today, outing the family unit as the single most important target for worldwide annihilation, in order to allow for Truth-based evolutionary progress to be made.
      Don’t you see, confusion and misdirection is the key to maintaining universal human slavery. Freedom exists only as Truth, successfully realized.

  3. Also, social media, faux frredom of expression allows humans to construct pseudo-profiles (anonymous)that they can hide behind to terrorize and humilate complete strangers whose opinions differ from theirs. There has been a considerate number of suicides as a result of being bullied by trolls. It appears society deliberately set this in motion, as a means to get self-appointed humans to harass individuals online. It seems like there is no refuge from societal control and domination, when it comes to expressing opinions, about the true horrors of life. There will always be opposers who will defame and attack what others have to say. It is nothing more than a scare tactic to silence and control the minds of those who speak the truth. With that said, freedom of speech is also limited via social medis. Some say, the internet and social media has brought humanity together where everyone has a voice, and can speak out against injustices, not only locally but globally. How, is this true? No, not really, because humans are so divided and conflicted in their perceptions and beliefs–it’s absurd to think they would be united as front in ridding the matrix that is responsible for humanity’s problems. Social media hasn’t and will never be an outlet for change. The human mind too infected and controlled. Besides,most humans are against abolishing the entire system and believe that amending it is the solution, so there is a problem.

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