Towards a Better Forbidden Truth Understanding of Mental Illness

I have directly addressed the issue of mental health/mental illness in several brilliant and comprehensively detailed essays, but every dissection of a major issue that I unleash upon humanity is slightly different. Every essay builds upon and enhances previous essays, deepening the scope of insight that a genuine seeker of Truth may be able to glean, via singular or cumulative exposure to one or more of the essays. Much more importantly, every essay I write enhances the beauty and perfection of My own Self-universe, and you guys should know how much pleasure I take from My own beauty and perfection… ūüôā So, here we go with a fresh and cutting-edge dissection:
Lets do this in the proper order.
1) What is individual mental illness?? It is a failure of individual brain functionality. It is the individual brain malfunctioning in terms of a) Accurate reality perception. b) Capacity to recognize and embrace facts and truths.
c) Inability to establish and maintain ownership and control of brain functions and perceptions via an independent self-universe. d) Failure of the individual brain to nurture and positively enhance the personal existence of the host universe. e) Compromised and failed capacity of an individual brain to function within natural instincts.
Important note: Individual mental illness has nothing to do with being able, or not being able, to conform to any behavioral or ideological standards as set or enforced by any society, culture, or government, at any point in time.
Which brings us to:
2) What is systemic and collective mental illness? It is the failure of humanity as a species, to have developed and to function within any reasonably defined standards of mental health. a) Failure of the species as a collective, to recognize and embrace the profound value of Truth, of facts, of the reality of their own situation, problems, potential, and solutions.
b) Failure of the species as a collective whole to make positive progress, to recognize and avoid mistakes, to rectify mistakes upon being confronted with their harmful results and consequences. c) The collective Self-hate and Self-murder ideation of the species as a whole, non-existent in any other known species of life on the planet. d) The collective inability of the species to think and to act with logic and rationality. e) The collective vulnerability of the species to addiction, to obsessive embrace of illusion, to obsession with fantasy and fiction, the emotion-based nature of how the human brain functions.
Okay, so now lets properly and sanely proceed to the next step:
Is mental illness “real”, and if it is real, is it internally or is it externally induced?
The answers: Of course mental illness is “real”.¬†All human beings are mentally ill. Compared to any other species on this planet, all human beings are profoundly and severely mentally ill.
If you compare human brain function to that of any and every other species of life on this planet, the depth and scope of the universal mental illness of humanity collectively and individually, cannot be sanely denied or disputed.
If you compare human individuals to other individuals, the variable nature of mental illness is similarly impossible to deny. For example, I am much more sane, meaning less mentally ill, than almost all other humans. But I am still mentally ill. All humans are, because it is impossible to be born and to mature on this planet, dwelling among humans, and maintain or establish genuine mental health.
So, next question: We have established that mental illness is real, and humans are universally afflicted. But, is mental illness internally induced, or is it externally induced? A good question, worthy of expert dissection:
The True answer is, mental illness is always externally induced.
Hmmm, but have I not stated in previous essays that the human brain is genetically malformed and diseased, that humanity came into existence as a brain-based birth defect?? Yes. And have I not stated in this very essay that humanity suffers from systemic and collective mental illness? Does this not suggest that mental illness is internally induced?? Yes.
But here I am, telling you that all mental illness is externally, environmentally induced. How can this be??
Pay attention here, my dissection is about to cut right to the heart of the issue:
The biological and genetic defectiveness of the human brain is absolutely real, and it does render the entire species mentally defective on an organic level. But this defectiveness is used as an excuse and as a methodology of establishing an illusion of mental health within every modern era human society.
Human society, culture, and government establishes artificial and invalid definitional and functional standards of mental health, of what constitutes mental health, and then imposes these invalid standards upon humanity as a whole.
This can only be done by creating false and invalid forms of mental illness, naming and identifying specific symptoms and behaviors as being indicative and demonstrative of mental illness. For example, the “schizophrenic” who hears voices and sees imaginary creatures, the “psychotic” who lashes out violently for no valid reason, the “depressive” who can find no happiness or hope in life, the “attention deficit disordered” child who cannot focus strongly enough on what he is ordered to focus upon, the “autistic” child who refuses to accept and engage in toxic emotional enmeshment with others, the PTSD victim who is traumatized by having experienced…trauma, never mind that¬†all humans are subjected to severe and ongoing trauma, etc…
These and all other specifically defined mental illnesses, are invalid. They are not mental illnesses, they are symptoms and manifestations of the collective and systemic mental illness of humanity as a species. They are externally induced, via the mental trauma, daily, ongoing, and relentless, inflicted upon every child and every adult, by human society, culture, and government, meaning by other humans.
Everyone is mentally ill, and so everyone collectively feeds the mental illness of everyone else. But this is a Forbidden Truth! It cannot and it will not be consciously acknowledged by humanity. This Forbidden Truth must be covered up. The only effective way to cover it up, is to establish invalid categories of mental illness, to overtly segment a portion of the mentally ill, remember that in Truth¬†everyone is mentally ill, as being mentally ill, and to impose specific criteria for each segmentation; Schizophrenic, bipolar, autistic, ADD, ADHD, psychotic, etc…
Via this segmentation, the collective delusion and illusion that humanity as a species is not collectively and systemically mentally ill, can be and IS successfully maintained.
The horror of it all is best realized when you consider that those who are labelled as and accused of being mentally ill, generally do accept and acknowledge that they are in fact mentally ill, while those who impose the label and make the accusation, are and remain in complete denial and oblivious to the fact that they are themselves mentally ill.
In allowing the mentally ill majority population to label and impose a diagnosis of mental illness upon the mentally ill minority population, the profoundly important and valuable Forbidden Truth of the universal and systemic mental illness of humanity as a whole, is murdered, destroyed, successfully covered up.
And, the mentally ill majority population proves itself more mentally ill than the minority it so labels, in several different ways. 1st, by being consciously oblivious to its own mental illness. And 2nd, by directly upholding and imposing structural and ideological derangements such as religion, punishment, freedom illusions, and universal child abuse upon humanity as a collective whole, thereby destroying the mental health of every individual human child and adult.
For this reason, we who seek and know Truth must define and understand mental illness to be externally imposed and induced upon all individuals. Yes, the human brain is genetically diseased and malformed. And yes, of course this plays an absolute role in rendering humanity mentally ill on a collective level. But every diagnosis of mental illness made by humanity against any individual, is invalid. It is a lie, an illusion, a deception, a cover-up of the Truth of the collective mental illness of the species.
Nobody is born with any mental illness as such illness is named, described, defined, by any human society, culture, or government. Nobody internally develops, on a physiological level, a mental illness as such illness is named described, defined. There are no schizophrenics or psychotics or autistics or bipolars or ADHDs, etc…
The variations of mental dysfunctionality among humans must not be segmented, they must not be allowed to have externally imposed names, diagnosis, and treatments.
Because who is treating the MOST SEVERELY mentally ill? Who is treating the ones RUNNING planet earth as an insane asylum? Who is treating the ones who get to label others as being mentally ill, when THEY are far more mentally ill, when they are preventing all of humanity from coming to the conscious realization of Forbidden Truth that Insane Asylum Earth is being run, controlled, directed, and systematically destroyed from within, by the insane inmates who imagine themselves sane?!
Do you see it now, humans? Do you see what has been hidden from you? Do you see humanity mentally ill?? And do you understand exactly how and why your mental illness was externally induced, even as you were born with a genetically and biologically defective brain??
I ask you to see and to know Yourself as you are, as you were made by the collective insanity of humanity. Stop pretending they are not mentally ill. Stop judging Yourself mentally ill just so you can deny the Truth of universal mental illness. Break the trance, break the cycle of universal illusion and delusion. See what your species has done, is doing, will do, to You, to everyone else, to every living thing, to the planet itself.
The insanity is everywhere. Nothing is as it should be. Because the most insane are dictating the fate of the less insane, and making them more insane, by labeling them as insane, but refusing to recognize and acknowledge that they are themselves not only insane, but more insane.
Got it? ūüôā
mental illness 87.jpgAll Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That’s Brilliant and articularly spoken. The mental disorders listed in the Diagnostic manual have to meet certain criteria in order for someone to recieve a diagnosis. For example. If there are 7 symtoms that someone has to exhibit for a histrionic prrsonality disorder, and they only have 6 symptoms, the psychiatry community will not diagnose them with this disorder. . And guess what, that goes for other disorders as well. Basically, what they are doing is narrowimg down the number of individual for a diagnosis, to give the illusion that most people in general do not suffer from a mental disorder, whrn in act, they do. So, diagnosis of mental disorders are limited to a selective few. With that being said, as a result, most humans think nothing is wrong with them and only a selective few are mentally ill.

    1. Society and government always demands wide latitude in judging, on an official level, who is mentally ill and who is not. This wide latitude enables it to demonize, discredit, and stigmatize anyone it deems a threat to The Matrix of Universal Illusion, due to behaviors or publicly expressed ideologies.
      Remember, forcibly locking slaves in psychiatric cages gives government even more control over the slave and his capacity to access the outside world on a communicative level, than does prison cage lock.
      You are also absolutely correct, in that every society must and does limit the number of humans it chooses to officially judge and label as suffering from mental illness. This is done to maintain the illusion and the lie that mental health and sane functionality of mind is the constantly maintained standard of the vast majority, when of course this is an absolute lie and illusion.

      1. The same applies to a ptsd diagnosis: only military personnel or where trauma resulted from a disaster, are given a ptsd diagnosis. But, what about adults of childhood abuse and ongoing victimization, injustices,etc.? Should’nt these count as a ptsd diagnosis?

        1. Humanity is a species for whom Truth is dead. Without Truth, logic, rationality, critical thinking capacity, the natural connectivity of similar experiences of individuals, all of this is lost and nonexistent withing mind consciousness.
          Without Truth, humanity just makes up an endless series of fictionalizations, to suit whatever reality perceptions society and government promotes and desires them to accept.
          That’s why the universality of child abuse and daily, ongoing victimization of all humans is never even acknowledged, much less given a specific mental illness diagnosis.

  2. Why do you want someone else to pretend to care about you? Or to deceive Himself into believing he cares about you?
    Is it so that you can try harder to care more about Yourself? Or is it so you can have a better excuse not to care for Yourself?
    Ask Yourself these questions and try to answer them in the light of Forbidden Truth, so that you may try to grow your brain.
    Please do think more and say less. The world exists inside of you, and so it is not the Superior path to excessively scatter and disperse Yourself.

    1. Caring about others is a waste of positive emotion. Caring about Yourself is a beneficial use of positive emotion. Truth and Self are the totem poles, the shrines, that the Superior erects as he creates and maintains his untouchable Self-universe.
      I am not a teacher. You must teach yourself to recognize, to embrace, to integrate the Truth to your own Self-universe.

  3. Every external label you choose to apply to Yourself negates and compromises the factual reality of what you are: A created victim of the mental derangements externally imposed and directly inflicted upon You.
    Your brain was weak, and it is weak. Because of genetics, because of the species you were born as a member of. Because you are human. And you further harmed and compromised your brain functionality, via your choices. The world of universal illusion and fictionalization of reality, inspired you to embrace it. And so you did.
    Your story is the story of humanity, only you perceive it on a more courageously conscious level.
    Good luck in seeing and knowing Yourself as you are, not as others judge you to be.

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