Top Five Original Forbidden Truth Quotes on Atheism

As those of you who read My writings should know by now, I am the hardest of hard-core atheists. Here are five of My best original quotes, which capture the essence of contempt that I hold for the insane god myth, and are brilliantly memorable and enigmatic, to boot.

“Sunday, as every day, I worship at the Temple of Truth, the Mosque of Me, and the Church of Doing Whatever the Hell I Want”

“Religion: You can LIVE without it! Support Technological Immortality!”

 “At the intersection of Stupidity Street, Insanity Avenue, and Coward Court, you will see a sign that reads Dead End. Follow that sign and you will find god.”

“Are you looking for Yourself? First you must find, murder, dissect, cannibalize, and excrete god. Then you may be able to recognize Yourself as entitled to every real privilege claimed by this imaginary creature.”

“The worship of god is the worship of death. The worship of Self is the worship of Life. Murder god, so that you may give birth to the True glory of Self-Worship.”

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  1. Those are brilliant quotes, SEER! Humans will never let go of god, for they believe that he exists and makes positive contributions in their lives. I don’t agree because humans who say that god perform miracles, are just fooling themselves to believe in the nonsense. Believing in god is no different than someone who hears voices as a schizophrenia. According to the medical community, hearing voices of nonexistent beings, is abnormal, and these individuals are mentally ill. So, why god believers aren’t labeled as being schizophrenia or mentally ill? It makes no sense; both parties are mentally ill and should be treated in a similar manner. The god myth and schizophrenia go hand in hand. Humans are not capable of connecting the two as being interwoven having the same intent.

    1. Religion must be recognized and understood as one of the most virulent forms of mental illness, deeply and profoundly rooted in both the genetic defects of the human brain, and the relentless environmental terrorism inherent in society and government overtly promoting and legitimizing belief in god as normal, natural, and sane, when in Truth it is none of the above.
      To go further, the mental illness of god addiction must be understood as a direct incubator and creator of many other forms of mental dysfunction, including what society labels as schizophrenia. Your insightful comment linking god addiction and schizophrenia is directly on target. Schizophrenia develops within children and young adults as a natural response to the brutal mind trauma of being brainwashed to believe that invisible god creatures exist and are communicating with human beings. This insane delusion, promoted as valid by society, is what inspires the brain defectives to allow the very concept of imaginary voices, to gain a foothold within their reality perception.

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