To Destroy is to Create

Who will worship at the alter of destruction? Who is wise and courageous enough to understand that to destroy is to create?
Let it burn and let it collapse. Make it burn and make it collapse. Let the blood flow. Make the blood flow. Let us find the lightness of grace in the smoldering embers of what once was, but will not be again.
We destroy because have been destroyed. We destroy because destruction is the only way for one who has been destroyed, one who is a victim of destruction, to create. Every creation destroys. Everything the human touches, lays his eyes, his hands, his mind upon, he destroys.
Procreation no more creates a life, than abortion destroys a life.
What will you create today? A sand castle? A sculpture? A blog post? A mighty river of gushing and spurting blood? A recipe for world peace?
It does not matter, because whatever you create will be used to destroy. Whatever you create will be absorbed by the hive mind, whose mandate is to ensure universal destruction of all. Your creation will serve this mandate, in one way or another.
I rejoice in the destruction that I initiate, the destruction that I represent, the destruction that I inspire. Always I have created, in order to destroy. I destroy via thought and via deed and via word and via the collective entity of what I am. My destruction is that of the free agent, the Outcast, Outlaw, Outsider.
I am what I am because others have destroyed. They have destroyed in their Name, allowing Me to rise up within the light of Truth, claiming my Name. We who have always known ourselves to be destroyed, find the strength to create our own paths of destruction. To know Yourself is to know what it is to be a victim of destruction.
Religion does not destroy. Loving others does not destroy. The atomic bomb does not destroy. Child abuse does not destroy. These are simply methods by which those of us who have been destroyed, may be inspired to destroy others.
Every decision to destroy, is a decision to create. I am a creation of all that has been done to Me, a creation of every attack, of every humiliation, of every injustice, of every abuse, of every harm directed and imposed upon Me. As your creation, as your created victim of universal destruction for all, I destroy.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. SEER, you know I want nothing to do with inferiors, but I am coerced against my will to interact with them, to attain resources and services. This is so RIDICULOUS. It’s like you have lower your standards to get what you need from them. Does anyone give a damn of what this system is doing to us? It’s trickery and deceit and keeps one in the clutches of the enemy

    1. Inferiors have always controlled every aspect of human existence on this planet. They enjoy interacting with each other. They enjoy validating their own delusions and derangements, within their matrix of universal illusion. None of them give a damn about the horrors they are being subjected to for every moment of their imaginary existence, because all of them are Self-hating, Truth-hating, and utterly blind to the war being waged against them, the systematic destruction being carried out against them, in real-time, each and every moment of each and every day.

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