Thoughts Versus Feelings: A Definitional Dissection

Readers of My texts know definitional brainwashing is maliciously deployed by every 21st century society and government, to obscure, confuse, misdirect, and control human behavioral and ideological choices. I addressed the issue of how thoughts differ from feelings, and how the Superior consciously subordinates all feelings to thoughts, in this brilliant essay:
Read that essay, and integrate it to core consciousness, if you are an aspiring Superior.
But I never did directly address the definitional brainwashing at play in how society imposes these 2 terms upon human consciousness. That ends, right here and now.
What are thoughts? “Unique mind perceptions and projections of personal reality as experienced by an individual.”
What are feelings? They are, as validly defined, “Unique but corrupted mind perceptions and projections of personal reality as experienced by an individual.”
The baseline definition for both thoughts and feelings, is identical. This is the Truth. But according to all societies and governments, these two terms are different. The feeling is an emotional state or reaction, while the thought is, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary “something (such as an opinion or belief) in the mind”.
But all feelings and all thoughts are mind-based, they originate and develop within the brain. They are mind perceptions and projections of personal reality. This is why the baseline definition, in Truth, is identical.
Now comes the Mind Bomb, folks, so pay close attention: The feeling is simply a malformed, and therefore invalid, thought. Every feeling is a corrupted thought, and the two primary corrupting forces for all feelings are: Prejudice and irrationality.
Yes, thoughts can also be corrupted, and rendered prejudiced and irrational, in other words betraying and void of Truth. But the feeling is corrupted from its very conception.
The feeling cannot be rooted within Truth, it is instead a projection of the True Reality of the individual. On the other hand, the thought can be rooted within Truth, although for the vast majority of all humans, Truth is dead and does not function as an active component of any undertaken mind/brain functional process.
Within this proper definitional framework, feelings, in other words, emotions, can be recognized as inherently inferior to thoughts, and everyone can begin to elevate their thoughts over their feelings. But of course this is exactly the opposite of what society and government wants. It seeks to validate feelings and emotions, to grant them equal if not higher status, than thoughts. More importantly, it seeks to encourage you creatures to pathetically and insanely wallow in your emotions and feelings.
Why? Because they are much easier to externally manipulate and control, and will never lead to Forbidden Truth realizations, as uncorrupted thoughts might.
The Superior who has transcended his humanity, as I have, can successfully choose to experience feelings and emotions, because he has subordinated them to his thoughts, which he makes certain always honor and validate Truth itself. But for you humans, feelings and emotions cripple and destroy you, devastate your mind potential to cultivate the beauty of uncorrupted thoughts, and your capacity to mold them to unveil Forbidden Truth to your mindscape.
The feeling is a corrupted thought. Recognized as such, it can be consciously rejected, or it can be subordinated to all thoughts, so it does not compromise, infiltrate, corrupt them. Remember, the vast majority of all human thoughts are themselves corrupted. It is their capacity to be uncorrupted, that distinguishes them from feelings.
Are feelings necessary for emotions to be experienced? No. Uncorrupted thoughts are fully capable of generating the greatest heights of emotion, for the top-level Superior.
So we come back to definitional brainwashing, weapon of genocide deployed every minute of every day, against every human-born, birth to death. Can you appreciate the devastation wrought by this weapon? Simply by defining words and terms in ways that destroy Truth, the capacity of humanity as a species, to perceive reality as it is, and therefore to try to pierce the Matrix of Universal Illusion, to identify and to consciously uncloak the Forbidden Truths of existence, is collectively destroyed.
“I want to feel happy, my feelings are important and valid, I must nurture and cultivate my feelings…”, definitional brainwashing legitimizes this universally embraced delusion of the mind. It prevents the feeling from being recognized as a corrupted, inferior, illegitimate thought. It prevents the individual from realizing the Forbidden Truth: “I am not happy because there is nothing to be happy about. I must attain happiness by destroying what has harmed and is harming Me…”
The Superior exalts in the purity of his thoughts. Every thought must honor and reflect Truth. So that everything can be seen, known, understood, for what it is, in perfect clarity, not for what it is projected to be by others, and by society & government.
The inferior comingles thoughts and feelings, invites them to form bonds, oblivious to the Self-sabotage he is committing. Or, much more often than you might think, this Self-sabotage is consciously or subconsciously recognized, and done anyway, because the purity of thought is given no genuine value, and Truth is only scary and confusing and unbearable, something to dilute and poison, to render it more palatable. How perverse you humans are!
For any new readers not quite up to speed on definitional brainwashing, I highly recommend this brilliant essay of mine, as an excellent starting point:
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  1. In the U.S. the C.I.A. made mind control an industry with many big players from Edward Bearnaise, and Sid Gotlieb (who came to my wedding, coincidentally enough). With the work I have done over the years, I have seen that we carry beliefs about many things, the most powerful being those about ourselves and how we see the world….which are more often than not a picture of an entirely fabricated sense of who we think we are and what the world is…to the point that these act as filters for experience…can you say “cognitive dissonance”? What I have also found is that beyond these beliefs lies a realm of self and being that is the authentic self and it’s possible to get to that place by rigorous inner work. Nice to see someone writing about this!

    1. What you are describing is The Matrix of Universal Illusion, the mind cages created and maintained by every human society and government to mold, control, and limit all of the ideological and behavioral choices made by humanity, individually and collectively, and just as importantly, to imprison all human reality perception, so that Truth and factual reality will always be invisible and impossible for the Unwashed Masses to even try to perceive.
      Yes, the CIA practices mind control as a “science”, but seekers of Forbidden Truth need to understand what the CIA does, is being done by every single empowered social, cultural, and governmental entity, independently and in :loose” conjunction. Every lie feeds upon and nurtures every other lie, organically and without any direct linkage of tactical intent.
      The CIA is the intentionally weaponized organization of mass brainwashing and indoctrination of all amerikkkan citizen-slaves, but to focus on the CIA as the primary “enemy” of Truth, is a mistake. Because it has a very narrow and limited mandate, in comparison to how The Matrix of Universal Illusion as a whole works, and the broad-spectrum destruction of all Truth and Truth-realization capacity undertaken and achieved.
      I have examined parts of your writings, and you possess some valuable insights of Forbidden Truth. But if you dig deep into My texts, with a genuinely unchained mind, you might be able to recognize that you are only scraping the surface in many of your Truth realizations, compared to My plunges into the direct heart of the matters at hand.
      Good luck in your efforts, and I would suggest that you start by accessing My writings on definitional brainwashing, you might find them to be a good starting point given your moderate level of Truth insight.
      This link provides you with some of My texts on this specific Mind Bomb path:

      1. I would say that you might need to delve into what the CIA has been up to for close to fifty years and how that agency has been the tool of wealthy corporatists with a clear hegemonic agenda for the world and do not operate as an agency of intelligence gathering only, but of far more.

        1. I would say that you might need to open your eyes and mind and perceive the Mind Bomb Truth that the CIA wants you to obsess over their specifically narrow and limited brainwashing, propaganda, and mind control operations, so that your mind remains shuttered to the much more pervasive, grotesque, and universally harmful murders and genocide of Truth, of reality, of consciousness, and of human potential, undertaken by human societies and governments via numerous other “agencies” and structures, such as religion, parenthood, the educational system, the judicial system, organized sports, the lie of external love, the subjugation of science, the worship of death, and so much more.
          But if you insist on obsessively focusing on the CIA, you are free to remain blind to the actual operational scope and agenda of every modern era society and government, and the methods they deploy to carry out the universal murder of all Truth.

          1. You don’t know me and you assume a lot. Do you know what kundalini awakening is? Do you know what it does? It clears patterns of every sort. I know this is all very important to you, and in a tangential way I think it’s amusing that you think you have it all figured and no one else does. It’s all good mate, just tugging your cape.

            1. I know you and your kind VERY well. Inferior humans who pretend to seek enlightenment, pretend to know Truth, trapped in your mind caves. That is why you are terrified when confronted with the actual Truth, prompting you to respond in terror when confronted by it.
              That’s why I approved your reply, and am replying to it. So My audience of maybe…10 or 15 genuine seekers of Truth can see and understand the hopelessness of the human condition.
              Now that you have served this purpose, you are free to disappear forever back into your cia obsession, the mainstream paranoia overtly promoted to you by your society, yet another Forbidden Truth beyond your capacity to recognize or accept.

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