There Is No Dignified Way To Die

The media propagandists are hard at work in recent days, promoting the noble and tragic tale of Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old gal who died of brain cancer. But wait, Brittany did not just die, she murdered herself. Now that’s a juicy tidbit, that’s what puts her over the top in terms of garnering media coverage from the death worshipping cult that is 21st century humanity.
Just read the articles. Brittany is so much more than a Self-murderer, according to the articles. She is courageous, a role model, the “leader” of a “death with dignity” movement. How absurd! How perverse! How pathetic! Choosing to die provides you with a dignified death?? Murdering Yourself, aided and abetted by a doctor who gives you lethal drugs, is courageous?? Murdering Yourself makes you a role model, someone to be looked up to?? There is nothing sane in what Brittany chose to do, or in the manner in which the media is covering her act of Self-murder.
The Superior thinker understands exactly what death entails, fully embraces these Forbidden Truths, and therefore fights for his own life, always and under all circumstances. We all suffer from a fatal disease, it is called death. If you know you are going to die very soon due to brain cancer, there are numerous logical courses of action to take, the most rational being to cryogenically freeze and preserve either your entire physical body, or just your head/brain, consciously understanding that this course of action provides the remote possibility of future reanimation.
Choosing to proactively murder Yourself so that you can pretend this provides you with some type of control over your fate, and then to be buried into the ground to rot away to nothingness, or burned to ashes so that no part of you can ever exist for the remainder of cosmic eternity, is stupid, deranged, and the height of personal cowardice.
Yes, I am directly attacking Brittany Maynard for her insane choice, but I reserve My greatest venom for you humans who are able to continue pretending to be alive, as you read these words, unlike Brittany. It is you who have chosen to create and sponsor human existence as a death-worshipping cult. It is you who legitimize death by clinging to religion and other afterlife mythologies. It is you who destroy the minds of children, inspiring them to embrace, instead of to decree as a mortal enemy, death itself.
Shame on Brittany for promoting Self-murder as a way to escape from life, and shame on the media for legitimizing and glorifying Self-murder, and shame on the amerikkkan government for finding yet another way to promote and impose suicidal ideation and action for you citizen-slaves under the insane cloak of freedom and individual rights. You have the right to die, slave. You have the right to suffer and be victimized and to die. Die however you wish, whenever you wish, Murder Yourself, it is your right! Ain’t life grand?! Freedom to die, freedom to believe in god, freedom to pretend you are alive now, and that it only gets better when the pretense eternally ends.
The Death With Dignity movement is nothing more than a further illustration of the devolution of the human species. It boggles the mind that a movement which promotes the right to Self-murder gains popularity, while a movement to demand the eradication of death itself, can find one fervent advocate from a million humans, at most.
Brittany lost everything not at the moment that she physically died, but at the moment that she decided to die, that she decided it was okay to die. It is not okay, it can never be okay, it will never be okay, and each of you is directly responsible for murdering yourself and every other creature on earth, by refusing to fight for and demand technological immortality.
Here is a typical news media article on Brittany’s act of murder. There are hundreds, and they all take the same deranged tone, expressing respect and honor for her choice to murder herself, as though she has achieved some type of victory. But the Truth is, your society and government is celebrating a victory, using Brittany in death as a propaganda mouthpece: “Look folks, its okay to die, its just fine and dandy. Look at sweet Brittany, she took her death like a man, and like a woman. Now she is famous and admired. Be like Brittany, your new role model!”
See her smiling in that photo?? But that’s not Brittany. You will never see Brittany as she actually is. Her skeleton, the maggots feasting upon her, a meal for bugs is what Brittany is. But no, you can’t be allowed to see that. You can only see what Brittany looked like while she was pretending to be alive, so you can keep doing the same. Keep pretending, cowards, and keep murdering yourselves. 
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PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.

PHOTO: Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal illness, is fighting to expand the death-with-dignity option to all.

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  1. Surely, this will send a message to the public that ending one’s life is okay and not that bad after all. However, death has always been taunted as a noble cause because when one dies, they will have a better life in the heavenly sky

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