There Are No Freedoms, There Is Only Freedom

According to all 21st century societies and governments, there are a vast quantity of different freedoms, all of them constantly in a state of flux, expanding and contracting, being attacked and defended, upheld and violated, etc… There is freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of the press, freedom of education, freedom to choose your form of slave labor, freedom of religion, freedom to own guns, freedom to breed, freedom to murder babies via abortion, sexual freedom, mental freedom, freedom to hurt yourself, and literally thousands more.
This is all poppyco*k! All of these different freedoms are not freedoms, they are positional stances of the slave state, offering their slaves various opportunities to embrace the illusion and the delusion that they are free.
Freedom is Truthfully defined right here:
Within this definition, Freedom is the lack of ALL compromises to being free.
Any and every compromise to freedom, negates freedom itself. Segmenting freedom into 100 different containers, speech, movement, religion, press, etc…, allows virtually every slave to establish an illusory perception of possessing freedom, which is of course the goal of the slave-state.
Freedom is a singular achievement, it cannot be segmented. To possess 99% of all Truth-based forms of freedom, is to NOT be free. Period. 100% of all forms of freedom must be positively attained on a personal level of True experience of reality on a current, ongoing, permanent level, in order for any individual to claim to be free.
If you are free, every form of Truth-based freedom must be interlinked as a singular entity. Within this entity, encompassing all elimination of all forms of slavery, dwells the only potential to experience freedom.
In other words, every Truth-based form of freedom is inextricably linked to every other form of Truth-based freedom. Lack of any one, or more, negates all.
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