The Years of Blindness Helped Me To See

I am legally blind without eyeglasses. Have been legally blind since about the age of 8. I became legally blind thanks to my mother, who deliberately poured shampoo into my eyes and refused to let Me rinse it out, hundreds of times, throughout My childhood. So my blindness was progressive, slow and deliberate destruction over time. The darkening of part of a Self- universe, even as other parts ignited with the brilliant flame of a mind on fire, seeking & attaining Truth.
Even though I was legally blind since age 8, I did not get my first pair of prescription eyeglasses until age 25. Why? As a child, nobody cared or noticed. As an “adult”, in quotes because mental maturity for those born human is not attained until approximately age 35, I enjoyed the blurriness, staring into faces but never actually making eye contact. The blurriness of your external world, directly helped Me to bring into crystal clear focus, the inner universe of Forbidden Truth I was so ragefully cultivating.
Why did I finally choose to get prescription eyeglasses at age 25, despite being legally blind since age 8? Because I was hit by a car while walking across a street, and My legal blindness did play a role in this incident occurring.
So, being a lover of Self and always embracing Truth, I weighed the cost-to-benefit ratio and decided the Self-loving thing to do was go see an eye doctor and learn if eyeglasses could improve My vision.
And they did, quite a lot. With My prescription eyeglasses I was no longer legally blind, at least in one eye, even though My vision was still permanently, severely damaged.
I chose to wear My eyeglasses, but I have absolutely no regrets about spending approximately 17 years in legal blindness. The blindness represented the Truth of what was done to Me, and it played a direct and highly positive role in helping Me to both reject and transcend My humanity in later years, and to develop conscious realization of MANY different Forbidden Truths of humanity.
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