The Wisdom of the Maggots

The maggot sees and understands the human, far better than the human sees and understands either himself, or the Truth. The maggot knows that every human is a consumer during his imagined lifespan, he takes and takes and takes, not because he needs, but because he cannot accept, understand, or meet his own needs. The maggot consumes the consumer, and for that we must respect and honor him.
The maggot knows that every effort you humans make to differentiate yourselves from other humans, is pure illusion. The maggot is not impressed by your tattoos or your designer clothing or your rich vocabulary or your muscular build or the number of children you have biologically created. The maggot knows that in death as in life, you are all the same. Maybe you taste a little different if you have been eating filet mignon for decades, instead of chicken McNuggets, but the maggot is not picky, he will not discriminate. To the maggot, you are rotting flesh, he sees you in death, as you actually have been during your existence. Your rot simply reaches the outside of your body, after you die. Inside, you are all rotting away. as you pretend to find meaning and purpose to your illusion of being alive.
You try so very hard to stand apart from other humans, but never to actually overcome your humanity, your greatest weakness. I am not like they are, I am different, I am better, you waste your lives clinging to this delusion, but the maggot knows that rotting human flesh is all the same. You could learn from the maggot, you could learn to see yourselves as you Truly are, you could learn to worship yourself and your existence, you could learn the importance of not allowing your brain and body to rot, you could learn that there is a path to Superiority, but it cannot involve comparing yourself to, or trying to compete with, other humans.
There is so much the maggot could teach you, if you would only open your mind and look. The maggot could teach you what it means to be alive, and to stay alive. But your mind is shuttered, and so you turn away with a shudder. You cannot watch the maggots feast on a human corpse, there is too much Truth on display, too much Truth being exposed. And so the wisdom of the maggots is lost on the inside rotters. What eyes don’t see, mind cannot conceive. Closed eyes and closed minds ensure the feast of the maggots continues. Enjoy your human meals, dear maggots. You deserve to find nourishment by consuming the creatures who choose to spend their existences consuming themseves and each other.
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